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    Here's How I Coped After A Traumatic Birth Experience

    Coming to terms when it doesn't go nearly as planned.

    When my son was born prematurely, I was very afraid.

    1. "I talked about what happened, either with friends or professionals."

    2. "I breastfed."

    3. "I bottle-fed."

    4. "I had counselling."

    5. "I did as much kangaroo care and skin-on-skin as I could."

    6. "I asked the NHS for a birth debrief."

    7. "I used hypnobirthing and alternative therapies."

    8. "I unleashed my creativity."

    9. "I did a lot of reading, and felt empowered that way."

    10. "I allowed myself to let go."

    11. "I gained a different perspective after returning to work."

    12. "I had a positive second experience."