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    20 Reasons Why Working At Summer Camp Is The Best Job You'll Ever Have

    "What do you mean tie dye isn't business casual?!"

    1. Best "alarm clock" ever

    Being called to the dining hall over the PA system for French Toast Stix (or waffles, or pancakes) is your new alarm clock. You're welcome.

    2. Your new office wear is pretty rad. Man.

    Tall socks, tie dye, monochrome. Rule of thumb is generally the brighter the better.

    3. The view from your office is pretty mesmerising...

    Via Instagram: @ccusaireland

    Probably because your "office" looks something like this.

    4. "Trying new things" doesn't mean using a new font or trying to make a colour copy on the new machine

    When you try new things at camp, it'll look something like this... For realsies.

    5. Being wacky is pretty much in the job description

    Leave your dignity at the door. Don't take yourself too seriously and prepare for things to get cray cray.

    6. "Some more overtime?" or just a "S'more"?!

    Via Facebook: ccusauk

    Psshhh, not even a question.

    7. This is what your weekly grocery shopping entails

    Midweek trip to Walmart and gimme allllll the snack foods!

    8. The camp version of "Casual Friday" usually looks something like this

    Did I mention, leave your dignity at the door, guys?

    9. Days off are spent places like this

    Theme parks! Water parks! You can finally overcome your Netflix addiction!

    10. Out for dinner?

    Why yes, deep fried oreos and cookie dough ice cream is a well balanced meal!

    11. The camp dance is your version of a networking event

    You will do the "Cotton Eyed Joe"/Footloose dance/"Cuban Shuffle" approximately 24151156415611512 times. And you will love it.

    12. Being "on duty" doesn't fill you with dread, because it's a great way to top up your tan!

    "Some people stand in the darknessss..."

    13. At no other place of work will your colleagues greet you with a High 5.

    Via Facebook: IntlSportsCamp

    Always look at the elbow for the perfect High 5.

    14. Your "clients" are pretty cool too

    Via Facebook: IntlSportsCamp

    These campers will look up to you and idolise you. You get to be their hero for the summer. Do not be surprised when they start copying your hair and accent and inundate you with friendship bracelets.

    15. It's the only job where wearing friendship bracelets in your twenties is socially acceptable

    Via Facebook: CCUSAEire

    Bonus points if you get one from your camper. And you'll get plenty. Believe me.

    16. Conference room team meetings will be a thing of the past

    Via Facebook: IntlSportsCamp

    Outside. Work. Outside.

    17. There is no such thing as the Monday Blues

    Via Facebook: ccusaaustralia

    Your level of energy and happiness is pretty much the same no matter what day of the week it is.

    18. You never want to leave your work

    Via Facebook: IntlSportsCamp

    Usually you're skipping out the door as soon as humanly possible. Not this job. You will be a blubbering wreck and you may have to be pulled away kicking and screaming. Fact. Oh, and just you wait until you get "CampSick".

    19. Your colleagues are more like your family

    You will have an indescribable bond with these people. They will be your best friends for life and it will not matter how many days, weeks, months or years pass since you last seen each other. Your non camp friends will be sick of hearing you starting every sentence with "This one time, at camp..." and Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp will be a necessity for keeping in touch.

    20. After work perks

    Via Instagram: @ccusaireland

    Luckily, for most working at camp, you'll get to travel after. So you can relax, unwind and reward yourself for a summer of hard work. NYC? LA? New Orleans? Vegas? Road Trip? Take your pick!

    It may sound like a cliché, but working as a camp counselor will be the best summer of your life. A summer spent in the sun with memories that will last a lifetime. And not to forget, bragging rights over your friends who stayed at home and worked in a bar all summer. Funky tan lines from flip flops and singlets. Getting paid to play and being a superhero to your campers. More ups than downs, more highs than lows. This will be the summer of #NoRegrets.