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21 #justgirlythings That Women Can Actually Relate To

We can all relate.

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And there's literally no discreet way to scratch it.


Isn't it cool when you burp and stuff comes up in your throat So you get to eat it all over again #justgirlythings

Also delicious.

Finding a chip in your bra from earlier and casually eating it #justgirlythings 💕💕

Sooooo delicious!

When you can't decide which side to get, so you get both. #justgirlythings

Lol so cute!

when your salary isn't that big #justgirlythings


i got a wedgie but i cant pick it bc i just did my nails #justgirlythings

Dat crotch sweat...

today i was sweating so bad at the gym i looked like i peed myself. #justgirlythings

Ladylike as fuck!

"I started using pretzels to scoop my Mac and cheese because I'm running out of spoons" #justgirlythings #relatableposts

No one will ever hear me poop. NO ONE!!

Pooping really fast when you hear a flush in the stall next to you #justgirlythings

Because why would we need pockets?

took me five minutes of trying to shove my phone into my pants to realize that the pockets were fake #justgirlythings

Twinsies, adorbz!

Bonding over having the same pepper spray in an elevator #justgirlythings


Crying into the whole red velvet cake you're emotionally eating #justgirlythings


was just holding the dog above my head singing the song from lion king&dropped her on my face&she bit me as she was falling #justgirlythings

I am at one with all of Mother Gaia's creatures!

When your dog farts directly on you. #JustGirlyThings


when u get cramps that make u want to set urself on fire and jump off a cliff 😍😍😍 #justgirlythings

Beauty is pain.

I think I just twisted my ankle trying to get my skinny jeans on #justgirlythings

We've all been there!

when you get in a car accident and the name of the street it happened on is your name #justgirlythings

Relationship goals.

hate when u go to kiss ur soulmate and a bee stings u #justgirlythings

This is all of us.

faceplanting on a treadmill at the gym while trying to pick up headphones #justgirlythings

I am a goddess.

Been waking up from naps with drool all over me lately #JustGirlyThings

Guys just can't relate!

When you don't have enough meat for your lunchables #justgirlythings

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