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A Definitive Ranking Of U.S. States Based On Their Official Foods

Whose job is it to come up with ~official~ state foods? Because I want that job.

Believe it or not, many states have at least one official food, and some are more delicious than others. New York state, for example, has an official state fruit (apple), an official state muffin (apple muffin), and an official state snack (yogurt). The following ranking is scientifically backed, completely unbiased, and will henceforth be considered law.

37. New York

36. North Dakota

35. Tennessee

34. Ohio

33. Kentucky

32. Idaho

31. New Jersey

30. West Virginia

29. New Hampshire

28. Utah

27. Washington

26. Indiana

25. Arkansas

24. Missouri

23. Delaware

22. New Mexico

21. Maine

20. Louisiana

19. Connecticut

18. Wisconsin

17. South Dakota

16. Oregon

15. Georgia

14. Alabama

13. Illinois

12. North Carolina

11. Virginia

10. Rhode Island

9. Massachusetts

8. Vermont

7. Minnesota

6. Florida

5. Maryland

4. South Carolina

3. California

2. Oklahoma

1. Texas

DISQUALIFIED: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wyoming

None of these states have any ~official~ foods, so they are all disqualified BYE.

Honorable Mention: Colorado

Colorado Cinnamon Roll Day

An elementary school student made an effort to make it the official pastry of Colorado, and while the governor didn't oblige, he did make January 8th Colorado Cinnamon Roll Day.

Warner Bros. / Via

Who wants to take a delicious road trip?

This post has been updated to include pepperoni rolls as the state food of West Viriginia.