The 24 Stages Of Unexpected BuzzFeed Fame

You wrote an article. Bitches love articles.

1. So you decided to contribute to BuzzFeed. Why not, you said. Let’s give this a shot.

2. After submitting your first article, you’re all lolz, let’s see what happens. No big deal.

3. Just when you’d almost forgotten all about your article, you get an email. BuzzFeed chose to feature your article. BEST. DAY. EVER.

4. You run to tell your homies and they’re all WHAAAAA?!?!?

5. This shit CRAY! Everyone is freakin stoked for you.

6. Just when you think it can’t get any better… you get another email.


8. 10,000 views. You can’t even right now.

9. Dreams of internet fame are happening. Right here. Right now.

10. You start walking around like The Chosen One.

11. Your confidence skyrockets.

12. …and it starts to go to your head.

13. You can’t stop sharing your newfound glory, and your friends are all…

14. But then you hit 100,000 views!

15. You think your friends are gonna be like…

16. But they’re actually all…

17. At first you’re shocked. Offended even.

18. Because you’re a total badass internet superstar.

19. But then you realize you might’ve taken things too far.

20. Oops… your bad…

21. But it’s all good, because they’re your friends…

22. And they’ve got your back no matter how obnoxious you are sometimes.

23. So they’ll definitely be excited to read your next article too!

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