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Things To Expect As A First Year Teacher

What should you expect as a first-year teacher? Here's 8 things to expect in your first year of teaching.

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1. When you walk into your first day of class

Expectations: You're going to be an AMAZING teacher, a total natural. The years spent in your teacher preparation courses have totally paid off and your classroom is going to be amazing.

3. You're going to have to handle students who genuinely don't want to be in school

As a first year teacher this will be especially difficult because you are so enthusiastic about teaching. Try to find ways to identify with your students and make them want to learn!

5. That plan backfires

You quickly realize that in order to be a "cool" teacher, you don't have many rules and quickly you loose their attention and no one is learning.

It's important to establish early on that the classroom can be both a fun and learning environment! Establish rules and procedures for activities such as lining up and passing back or handing in papers.

9. How to deal with the first time you feel overworked and underappreciated

Remember that you are a part of the most important professions in the world. You are responsible for shaping the lives of tomorrow's leaders!

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