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    32 Reasons Misty From "Pokémon" Is The Very Best

    Unlike Ash, she's like no one ever was.

    1. She became a gym leader at the age of ten.

    2. She is smart.

    3. She faces her fears head-on.

    4. She has the makings of a great mother.

    5. She is the queen of sass.

    6. No one is immune to her wit.

    7. She knows when to walk away.

    8. Under her tough exterior is her soft side.

    9. Even though she's not the greatest cook, she still tries her hardest.

    10. Even a little fire won't stop her.

    11. She won't let anyone put her down.

    12. She'll risk her life for someone else.

    13. She's the brains of the operation.

    14. She is the master of disguise.

    15. Yelling is one of her strong suits.

    16. She has her priorities sorted out.

    17. She is a compassionate person.

    18. She has a sly disappearing act.

    19. She's not afraid to show her emotions.

    20. She never let Psyduck stop her.

    21. She's an expert fisherman.

    22. She does what she has to do.

    23. She holds everyone accountable.

    23. She's a fantastic swimmer.

    24. She knows how to put Ash in his place.

    25. She has awesome sisters to help her in need.

    26. Her medical skills are unmatched.

    27. She never backs down from a fight.

    28. She's not ashamed to eat whatever she wants.

    29. She keeps up on her exercise routine.

    30. She races like a goddess.

    31. She tries to hide her feelings for Ash...

    ...except when another girl comes into the picture.

    32. And most importantly, she doesn't rest until she gets what she wants.

    Bow down to Queen Misty!