15 Reasons You Should Definitely Use The Oxford Comma

Commas save lives!

The Oxford comma, otherwise known as the serial comma, has come under debate in recent years. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why everyone actually should:

1. For prevention of presidential strippers:

2. Of course, some of you might like the idea of these strippers:

3. Because Washington and Lincoln were not animagi:

Eric Edelman / Via verbicidemagazine.com

4. Unless you like soggy, orange-flavored toast:

5. And the resulting confusion:

6. Because Obama is already married:

8. So your friends don’t get the wrong idea:

10. Seriously. Use the comma, people.

11. Don’t be like Rachel Ray.

12. See? This person gets it.

13. This person who needs to pay better attention in school:

14. So you don’t get arrested:

15. Don’t fall victim to a permanent mistake:

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