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    This Cozy $20 Totoro Onesie Is A Perfect Halloween Costume

    Repeat after me: Cozy is a lifestyle.

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    Hey you! Do you enjoy being blissfully cozy and warm?

    Studio Ghibli

    Of course you do.

    Well, I'm about to let you in on my secret to true, blissfully cozy happiness. A onesie. More specifically? This Totoro onesie, because the "Keeper of the Forest" is known to cure any blues and grow gardens of self-love.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    (Too cheesy? Deal with it.)

    The most vital piece of information I must impart about this onesie is how wonderfully slouchy and SO ​FRIGGIN ​SOFT​​​ it is. I could spend a whole day running my hands over the plush material. And once it's on your body, it's ​like wrapping yourself in a cavern of fluff​ or like napping on top of Totoro himself (like in the previous GIF — I think about this a lot, ok?).

    How happy can a onesie make you? Look at these everything-is-sunshine smiles! You can't put on a price on them!!

    Getting matching onesies with your roomie is the best way to solidify your friendship, guaranteed. Plus, in my old apartment (the one we're pictured in above) we had central heating, which meant I had no control over the heat, so ​this onesie basically saved me all winter.

    And because my laziness equals my desire to have as many multipurpose items as possible, I also ​wore this onesie as a Halloween costume, both to a party and to my office. (It was one of my better life decisions.)

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    This is me acting like an idiot in public, but it's also NYC and no one can judge me. Lucky for you, readers, if you wanted to snag one in time for Halloween, the onesie, available in sizes S–XL, is eligible for Prime shipping!

    A few other details: There are pockets (useful for snacks, because being Totoro is a tough job and requires fuel). It's quite saggy towards the bottom, à la harem pants. And you can button the onesie all the way up, which I like because I don't fully trust zippers to stay functional. For something so affordable, I must say — I've been very impressed by its quality.

    Now, my next mission is to change the office dress code to accommodate onesies at all times, so I never have to get out of this thing.

    But don't just take ~my~ word. It's prized by plenty others too, including this reviewer who shares my love for the plush, cloud-like onesie.

    Promising review: "If you want to cosplay or just simply lounge around the house watching movies, this Totoro onesie is soft, warm, comfortable, and gives you the feeling of constantly being held from the moment you button it up. Having a bad day? Come home and put on this onesie — BAM! Your day has instantly gotten better. It's raining outside and you long for sun? BAM! Pretending to be Totoro has instantly brought sunshine into the lives of everyone around you and you can also bathe in their joy." —Miss Information

    There you have it, folks — you'll basically be cozy for the rest of your life.

    NBC / Deedle-Dee Productions

    You're welcome.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.60+.

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