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    25 Things From Walmart That'll Help Make Your Workspace A Happier Space

    If you're stuck there all day, you might as well make the most of it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lil' desk caddy to keep all of your pens, sticky notes, and other utensils/knickknacks neat and orderly. Your desk will welcome this with open arms! And not just because it has super useful features like dedicated slots for cell phones and a tape dispenser, a bottom slot for cords, and a removable center divider for filing larger items.


    This photo is extremely relevant to 2019, FYI. Lol.

    Price: $15.27

    2. Or a bigger wooden shelved organizer that'll fit your larger study necessities, i.e. all of those dang textbooks.


    Price: $22.99+ (available in four colors)

    3. A pack of Pilot V5 RT Premium Rolling Ball Pens with Extra Fine Point for the smoothiest note-taking and list-making in the history of your life. So helpful, so useful, so joy-bringing. Also, you're welcome in advance.

    BuzzFeed Reviews / Via

    Promising review: "I was surprised that I really liked these! I am particular about the pens that I use and have always used the Pilot G2 extra fine pens. These pens write very smooth and don't skip when writing fast and are able to show on duplicate forms without pressing hard. My new favorite pen!" β€”Andrea

    Price: $2.97 (for a two-pack)

    BTW, this is our low-priced pick for best pens on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    4. Or pastel Bic four-color pens that'll probably take you on a trip down memory lane and make your notes look super cute β€” organizing by color is the way to go, obvs!


    Price: $6.11 (for two)

    5. A touch-activated LED desk lamp designed with Qi wireless charging and a USB port to keep your phone* and tablet juiced up at all times, because you're all about multitasking between Instagram, your latest book, and actual work.


    *It's compatible with iPhone 8 and above, and Samsung S8 and above.

    Promising review: "I loved everything about this lamp! I originally ordered it for a crafting table, and the LED is bright just like I needed. I'm also able to plug in my desk fan with the USB port it has, and at the same time I have my phone on the wireless charger. I always Bluetooth to my wireless speaker and listen to my music while I'm working on my stencils....I just can't say enough good things about it, but I did end up buying another one for my daughter's dorm room!" β€”BarbaJoe

    Price: $10+ (available in three colors)

    6. An Olay Energizing Facial Mist packed with bergamot and vitamins C and B3 for a quick face pick-me-up that'll keep you as bright-eyed and awake as you can manage after you've sped fast the first 10 chapters of your assigned reading.


    Promising review: "I was a total skeptic when I tried it, like ya' right, energy boost? However a few spritzes later, and my face feels refreshed, awake, and just wonderful! Plus, the citrus smell is a nice wake up!" β€”meghanjeancook

    Price: $9.94

    7. A pack of Redi-Tag adhesive divider stickies to annotate the heck out of and make sense of those notes you probably scribbled down at lightning speed during class. And how nicely organized they'll be by color!


    Price: $3.71 (for a pack of 60)

    8. A dry-erase calendar with a magnetic surface and mini cork board section can keep all of your to-do items and important reminders all in one centralized place. Oftentimes analog > digital, y'all!


    It comes with self-stick pads to mount the board onto any flat surface, and it includes one mini dry-erase marker with a magnetic eraser cap and two circle magnets.

    Price: $11.98

    9. A comfortable and professional office chair, because if your butt is going to be glued to it for a good chunk of the day, it better feel good and supportive!


    Price: $49.99 (left; available in two colors) and $69.99 (right; available in three colors)

    10. A simple 'n' sturdy desk with an actually large enough work surface to accommodate not just your laptop, but approximately a million notebooks and papers, and all of your very important decorations. And if that's not enough, there are two side shelves for more storage.


    Promising review: "This is my second desk for my work computer β€” the first one I bought for my home computer. Both were quite easy to put together, my 12-year-old even put them together. They have a lot of space and fit neatly in any corner." β€”Kiauna

    Price: $29.99+ (available in eight colors)

    11. A 6" clip-on desk fan that'll keep ya' cool and breezy as you sweat (physically and/or emotionally) towards your assignment deadline.


    Promising review: "I purchased this to move air around in a specific, smaller area of the house, and it does that very well! I'm using on lowest speed and it is basically noiseless. Higher speed, you will hear it, but not terrible. This replaced a cheaper model that was noisy at any level." β€”Rosey

    Price: $12.99 (originally $16.99)

    12. Cute 'n' lil' self-adhesive cable organizers to prevent your cords from tangling and getting in the way of your otherwise neat workplace setup.


    Price: $5.47 (for a pack of six)

    13. A pair of white ceramic Umbra vases nestled in brass holders that'll look so chic as a home for your beloved plants, school supplies, makeup, or whatever else that'll help make your workspace more fun and lively.


    Price: $32.26

    14. A Knock Knock Awesome Citation notepad to help keep track of all the great work you're doing within *and* outside of your workspace.


    Price: $9.54

    15. A 360-degree rotating headphones mount with a built-in cord holder to keep your wires/cables organized and your headphones at arm's reach, but not cluttered on top of your desk.


    The clamp opens up to accommodate desks up to 40mm thick.

    Price: $14.99 (available in three colors)

    16. And a pair of noise-cancelling Beats headphones to prevent loud and/or constant noises from plunging your productivity into the ground β€” especially if you're in a busy office or anywhere that's not a library.


    Promising review: "The sound quality is amazing. I hear no difference between these and $400 Bose headphones. They also come in a hard box for storage. Great purchase! May buy another pair." β€”Headphones

    Price: $64.95 (originally $129)

    17. Stackable snack containers to keep at the ready, so you never have to encounter a "hangry but too busy to get food" moment ever again. ::praising hands emoji::


    You can customize these to your liking and use however many you want. They have super sturdy twist n' lock caps that are stain- and odor-resistant, and they're top-rack dishwasher safe!

    Price: $5.39+ (for a set of three; available in five size combos and seven colors) or $6.26+ (for a set of four; available in seven colors)

    18. A Contigo SnapSeal Byron Travel Mug that'll keep you happily hydrated and/or caffeinated *and* at the perfect temperature, so you can sip on your drink of choice for as long as you want and stayed fueled for the tasks at hand.

    BuzzFeed Reviews / Via

    This is our low-priced pick for best travel mug on BuzzFeed Reviews! In our testing, this bad boy "began with a temp of 170ΒΊF that, after an hour, dropped to 137ΒΊ before going down to 113ΒΊ after three hours, and 100ΒΊ at the five-hour mark." Pretty impressive for a budget pick. An easy grip, wide mouth, and ability to fit under a Keurig single-use coffee maker also doesn't hurt!

    Promising review: "I have two of these: the gunmetal and green ones. I love their sturdiness, they keep my coffee hot without any leaks, and can totally take a beating β€” my green one fell out of a car through the passenger window and didn't lose its lid, just got a little scratch and a tiny bump. I've had my choice between auto seal and the snap seal, and I absolutely prefer the snap seal models because I like to hear the little snap on it. I really, really love my mugs and have bought them as gifts for coworkers too." β€”Benja

    Price: $9.29+ (available in six colors)

    19. A quiet Vicks mini humidifier for a space-conscious option that doesn't need any filters, holds up to a half gallon of water, and runs for up to 20 hours β€” honestly, what more could you or your dry skin ask for?


    Plus, if you have the sniffles (which will be almost inevitable once it gets colder), there's a built-in integrated scent pad heater that allows you to pop in a few Vicks VapoPads for some soothing relief.

    Promising review: "I have never had such a perfectly-sized, filter-free humidifier! It's so compact, yet the water tank holds enough to run all night on the high setting. I live in a small space and have thrown away so many humidifiers after the dry season because they just take up too much room. This mini is so perfect because it stores easily, cleans easily, and fits on my nightstand. It also has a slot for vapor pads, which worked perfectly when my baby got sick. I am so happy someone finally made a non-bulky humidifier for me and my family!" β€”KnMom

    Price: $26.01 (originally $33.81)

    20. A smol desktop battery-operated vacuum that'll facilitate the very necessary breakup between you and any dust, crumbs, or scraps from your lunch β€” I for one am a very messy eater, so honestly I need this in my life stat.


    You need two AA batteries to operate this, and they're *not* included.

    Price: $14.85

    21. If you're in a space where you can freely light candles (like in your own house or apartment!), large and wonderfully-scented Yankee candles in delightful varieties like Salted Caramel and Autumn Wreath to usher in the best season of them all: fall.

    @yankeecandle / Via

    Price: $16.87+ (available in 11 scents)

    22. And if you're feeling ~extra fancy~, a Drew Barrymore Flower Home ceramic and glass candle holder to house your fave scent in a super luxurious setting β€” the candle might not last for years, but this holder will definitely withstand the test of time (and style).


    Price: $34 (mauve) or $36 (green)

    23. A customized wooden cell phone stand, so you can catch up on the latest news, Tweets, and videos while it's charging and/or without having to hold it. Again, πŸ‘ multitasking πŸ‘ .


    Price: $17.99

    24. A container of citrus-scented Clorox disinfecting wipes, because a clean and sanitized desk (And keyboard! And mouse!) is a happy desk.

    @clorox / Via

    Price: $8.48 (for two 75-count containers)

    25. And a funny name plate no ~fun~ desk would be complete without, if I'm being totally honest. Also, it just serves as a cute reminder that, yes, you are kind of a big deal!


    *cue Anchorman Will Ferrell vibes*

    Price: $19.99

    Time to get to work and CRUSH IT:

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

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