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12 Gorgeous Tattoos That Perfectly Capture The Beauty Of Latinx Heritage

Growing up Latinx is pretty much like winning la lotería.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their tattoos that represent and celebrate their Latinx heritage and, well, prepare to be blown away by these works of art, like:

1. This stunning carreta wheel comprised of Costa Rican flowers, aka a beautiful way to always carry a piece of you wherever you go:

"Carreta wheels are a huge part of Costa Rican culture and identity, and come in a variety of symmetrical designs that are instantly recognizable. The orchid, la Guaria Morada, is our national flower, and the other flowers pictured are native to the country. Although I do not live there now, I carry a piece of my country with me, wherever I go." —annetteloynaz

2. This colorful tribute to Coco, a cinematic masterpiece about the land of the dead (and a little boy named Miguel with a big dream):

"I am a HUGE Disney fan and when Coco came out, I fell in love with the movie. It was such a beautiful and heartwarming representation of Mexico and my culture. I have watched that movie a million times and every single time I cry, lol." —wanderlust_kass

3. This intricate floral skull design that celebrates both Dia de los Muertos and a lost, precious baby sister:

"This was my first tattoo. I have always been fascinated with the Day of the Dead and what it represents, and it was the perfect tattoo in honor of my baby sister who passed away." —Aracely G.

4. This lovely portrait of Ixchel the Mayan, goddess of the moon and fertility:

"Ixchel the Mayan, goddess of the moon and fertility. I have a few tattoos that celebrate my heritage, but this one is my favorite." —linyud

5. This pair of matching skull tattoos that'll always tie these two sisters together:

"My sis and I got these matching tats that are detailed with specifics that are both personal and relevant to our heritage." —Delia A.

6. This rendition of the Mexican flag's coat of arms, which depicts an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus gobbling up a rattlesnake:

"The background is necessary for context." —deedo9

7. This lovely trio of Lotería cards that represents the story, progression, and blessings of their life:

"This was my first tattoo. I grew up playing Lotería with my mom and siblings and when I decided to get my first tattoo, I wanted it to be a story of my life. Each of the cards has a special meaning to me. My then-boyfriend and now-husband picked out La Maceta so that I'd always have flowers from him. El Cazo is for my love of cooking and the career I chose. And finally El Valiente is for my husband. He helped me get away from a bad living situation and has helped me grow and blossom into the person I am today." —jackieborrego897

8. This beautiful El Corazon card to commemorate a childhood filled with family, fun, games, and a little competition:

"Growing up in a big Latino family, Lotería was always our form of entertainment and fellowship! (We also play for money, so we get a little competitive!) I recently got this piece and I couldn’t be more proud to carry a piece of my childhood and culture with me wherever I go."—emsferia

9. This La Estrella card that was destined to be from the very first word they uttered:

"When I was younger, I played Lotería to learn Spanish. Whether it was at school or at home, I loved to play. I knew that when I got my first tattoo I wanted it to be a star (since 'star' was my first word), but it wasn’t until about 24 hours before getting the tattoo when I realized that the best representation of a star that meant the most to me was the La Estrella lotería card." —Gaby G.

10. This La Luna card that always reminds them to look towards and admire the night sky:

"When we were younger, my mom always taught us to look for La Luna, and now that we are older my niece is always looking for La Luna to see how beautiful she is in the sky." —drebravo

11. This touching tribute to the natural remedies concocted by indigenous ancestors:

12. This gorgeous half-sleeve of a calavera draped with a detailed veil and framed with perfectly shadowed red roses:

"Done by Tamara Santibañez from Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn." —elyseei

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Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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