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23 Impossibly Magical Pieces Of Decor Inspired By Fairies

Second only to living in Neverland.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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1. Dreamy star or moon string lights to bring the quiet comfort of the night sky that fairies love so much indoors.

Get the star lights or crescent moon lights from Urban Outfitters for $28 each.

2. Pretty painted butterflies that are staple decorations for any fairy's walls.

Get a set of 24 from Amazon for $8.99.

3. A royal trinket tray that all fairy princesses need in their arsenal.

Get it from PB Teen for $49.

4. A fairy approved zipper pouch that gives it to you straight because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Get it from Blue Q for $6.99.

5. A slightly disgruntled mug fairy who totally understands your lazy person struggles.

Get it from C. Cassandra on Society6 for $15+.

6. A magical fairy wand that doubles as a ring holder, because multitasking.

Can't overwork your wand by casting spells all the time.

Get it from LucinaK on Amazon Handmade for $16.

7. A quaint tabletop zen garden owned by a gnome who is known to be quite friendly with fairies.

Get it from Modcloth for $29.99. If gnomes aren't your thing, this zen garden is a little more minimalist.

8. Adorable embroidered art featuring a fairy who seems to be just fine spending her afternoon swinging on some branches.

Get it from TamarNahirYanai on Etsy for $12.90+.

9. A set of Bluetooth-enabled horned speakers that a fairy definitely picked up while wandering through the woods.

Get it from Free People for $98.

10. A quaint terrarium filled with tiny clay houses that are the perfect size for fairies.

Get it from GypsyRaku on Etsy for $80.

11. A beautiful decal that basically turns your door into a gateway into your own fantasy world.

Ah yes, my castle awaits.

Get it from Art Fire for $37.99.

12. A cute sequined pillow for fairies who are anything but subtle.

Get it from PBTeen for $45.

13. A printed paint roller that will cover your walls with gentle deer and moose.

Deer companions of fairies.

Get it from Fancy for $37. And get your paint colors from Amazon.

14. A fluffy, color-changing cloud light for fairies who prefer to spend their days floating high up in the sky.

Get it from InfiniteInspiration on Etsy for $50.

15. Fanciful magnets depicting a fairy chatting with a frog friend or trying to catch the moon.

Get the fairy with frog magnet or fairy with moon magnet from FridgeArtMagnets on Etsy for $2.95 each.

16. A charming set of wall sticker decals that'll bring you a little closer to the outdoors.

Because even fairies need some indoor time.

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

17. A delightful floral duvet covet that all fairies would love to cozy up with.

Get it from Modcloth for $149.99.

18. A budding tree branch that fairies have repurposed to hang their impressive collection of stuff.

Bird friends included.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

19. A shadow oil lamp that fairies totally use when writing late into the night.

Get it from Adam Frank on AHAlife for $55.

20. A stunning print of the Night Fairy, who truly embodies hair goals.

She'll also grant you sweet dreams if you ask politely.

Get it from Alkminnie Design on Society6 for $15+.

21. Crisp tree stump place card holders that fairies use whenever they host parties.

Get a set of 12 from Target for $20.99.

22. Handmade sparkly soaps that look like scrumptious cupcakes straight from a fairy's oven.

Get them from SummiesSuds on Etsy for $7 each.

23. And finally, a woodland inspired bar cabinet that every fairy has on their wishlist.

Get it from Anthropologie for a cool $3,998.

Keep the magic alive, folks.

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