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    Seventeen Talk About Their Approach To Making Their Own Music, And It Might Make Carats Emotional

    "We always stay true to our hearts when creating our music."

    In the vast world of K-pop, Seventeen has carved out a special, highly regarded place for themselves as self-producing idols with unlimited potential — both as one 13-member group or as 13 members divided into three specialized subunits: vocal, hip-hop, and performance.

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    Of course, we can't talk about Seventeen without mentioning their dedicated legion of fans lovingly known as Carats! Since Seventeen's debut in 2015, Carats' love and support have led to the 13-member supergroup earning multiple new-artist nominations and wins during their first year; Album of the Year wins for their most recent album, An Ode; and countless US concert stops spread across two world tours and KCON USA (Los Angeles and New York City) appearances.

    We caught up with Seventeen to talk about their recent Ode to You Tour, their first US TV appearance, and lyrics that always make them smile or laugh (very relevant for these times).

    As a K-pop idol group approaching their fifth anniversary in a few months (May 26!), how do you keep creating fresh music that also stays true to Seventeen?

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    Woozi is the group's main writer and producer and is credited with just about every Seventeen song that's seen the light, so it seems very fitting that he puts it like this: "I think it’s because we always stay true to our hearts when creating our music."

    Vernon, who is a member of the hip-hop unit and has writing credits on each song off their latest album, An Ode, says: "That’s definitely one of the many things we strive for. I think consistency plays a big role in doing so, and finding joy in the process is crucial for being consistent. Whatever we do, staying true to what we appreciate is a quality we don’t want to lose."

    During your recent Ode to You Tour, you appeared on Good Day New York. What was that like, and how did everyone decide on a performance-unit number, as opposed to a full-group number?

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    Vernon: "We were ecstatic when we heard about the appearance. Since it was our first time, we wanted to show a special stage. 'Lilili Yabbay' is a unit song by the performance team that combines modern dance with elegant moves, which exemplifies the artistry onstage, so we felt this would be a fresh take for the viewers. If there is another opportunity for us next time, we’d like to show various stage performances by our other unit groups, like the vocal team and hip-hop team."

    More 👏television 👏appearances 👏, come through!

    Who fit the “Fear” concept the best/most naturally?

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    Seungkwan: "Jeonghan. His facial expression was great, and his onstage performance was also awesome."

    Dino: "I think Mingyu’s part in the second verse conveyed solitude and sexiness well."

    Since “Fear” tackles darker, more mature themes, did you prepare in any way to match the vibe? Was it harder to perform or more fun?

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    Jeonghan: "In order to better express the atmosphere, I thought deeply about the overall mood and concept and tried to maintain the vibe. I had a lot of fun."

    Wonwoo: "I put a lot of effort into acting so I can fully express the emotions. It was a new concept for us, so it was really fun for us."

    What's your favorite B side on An Ode, and why?

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    Woozi: "'Snap Shoot' – it’s my personal favorite from this album. It just makes me feel good when listening to it."

    The8: "'24/7' – it’s our performance unit’s first slow song, so I’m especially fond of it."

    DK: "'Lucky' – it’s a bright and hopeful song that livens up your mood!"

    What resolutions do you have for 2020, personally or as a group?

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    Joshua: "To be healthy, bring great music, meet more Carats around the world, and showcase better performances."

    DK: "As a group, I want to pursue great music that will give strength to others by supporting their hopes and dreams. Personally, I want to consistently strive to be a good person."

    And looking back, what was your proudest achievement of 2019?

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    Jun: "I’m most proud of the fact that we were able to visit more cities during our world tour, meeting and communicating with more Carats."

    Hoshi: "Dreaming the same dream together with our 13 members."

    Compared with your first US tour back in 2017, how did this tour feel?

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    Jeonghan: "Our schedule was a bit tight, but it was worth it because we were able to meet more Carats. It was also great to be able to visit more cities compared to 2017. We had so much fun."

    Vernon: "It felt so much more comfortable this time. As much as the performing experience we’ve had since then, we were able to enjoy. We had a blast."

    Did any cities stick out to you in particular?

    What did you learn about yourself — either as an artist or as an individual — while on this tour?

    Which songs would you recommend for a new Carat?

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    Jun: "I want to recommend 'Thanks,' as it’s a song that expresses our gratitude for our Carats."

    Seungkwan: "I recommend one of my favorite tracks, 'Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day.' It’s a track that brings memories of a summer night."

    What’s a lyric that always makes you smile or laugh?

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    Wonwoo: "'Holi holi holi holiday~~'" (from "Holiday").

    DK: “‘I’ll be the spring to your smile’” (from "Smile Flower").

    What was your favorite fashion or beauty look from the past year?

    What’s one of the sweetest things another member has said to you?


    Jeonghan: "It wasn’t to me, but it was to our Carats: 'My reason of existence is you.'"

    Dino: “You can lean on me when you’re having a hard time."

    If you could be cast in the lead role for any movie, which would it be?

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    Mingyu: "I would like to depict an ‘average joe’ type of character in an action film."

    Back in 2017, Mingyu made a cameo in a Thai sitcom called Luang-ta Maha-chon (which roughly translates to Our Mamuang From Korea). But until we witness more of the glory that is actor Mingyu, check out our list of the best K-dramas to binge-watch.

    What’s your go-to noraebang song?


    Seungkwan: "Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger'!!"

    If you could wake up in anyone’s body for a day, who would it be?

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    Jun: "It would be Woozi. I want to experience his amazing music producing skills myself."

    Same, Jun, 100% same.

    Thanks for chatting with us! Say the name! ✨

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    This interview has been edited for clarity and length.