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    K-Pop Group Seventeen Showed Off All Of Their Charms During A Game Of "Who's Who"

    Hoshi/everyone: "It's Mingyu Day!" Mingyu: "I'm so tired."

    If you're a K-pop fan (and especially a Carat), then you understand why 13-member, self-producing, and all-encompassing* powerhouse Seventeen needs no intro! They are literally heaven-sent talent embodied in human form!

    But did you know they stopped by BuzzFeed for a visit (after closing out KCON NY 2019, no less!) to play a game of "Who's Who?" If you didn't, oh boy, you're in for a treat!

    They blessed us with so many funny, GIF-able moments. So many.

    For example, DK eats the most out of the members and loves pizza. Like, a lot. And no other foods.

    Dino was picked as the person with the best facial expressions onstage, and served us this charisma realness:

    Mingyu impressed us with his slick freestyle dance moves... did Dino...

    ...and Hoshi opted for a simple 'n cute routine!

    DK slayed us with his high note range, but the others weren't as pleased.

    After being chosen so many times, Mingyu was all of us after a long day of

    And, as a sweet ending, almost all of the members voted Seungkwan (who couldn't be there that day) as the funniest member, and I'm just *sheds a tear* a lil' emotional about it, ok??

    Watch the full interview and consider your day made:

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