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22 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Rainbow scratch art post-its, Diva cups, eyeshadow shields, and other favorite products from our recent posts.

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1. A dozen lip liners that pair perfectly with all of your lip products, from browns to classic reds and pinks.

Promising review: "I am obsessed with the variety of colors in this 12-piece set. I have a multitude of lip sticks, glosses, and stains, and it's expensive to buy individual lip liners to match all the colors. This set achieves that for the price of two drugstore lip liners! They're very creamy, easy to apply and sharpen, and the color quality is excellent." —Mysti

Price: $9.50

2. Scratch art post-it notes that reveal rainbows with the flick of a finger (or wooden stylus).

Promising review: "These are the most fun things ever. I've gotten my niece and nephew a variety of scratch art projects, but when I found these, I knew I could stock up and let them create their own art and patterns. The trouble now is getting them to pace themselves through the pack! My sister is an artist and also took a stab at them, creating gorgeous post-it-sized artworks for the fridge." —kitty

Price: $7.99 (for a pack of 125)


3. Disposable shields that let you blend your eyeshadows to your heart's content without fear of messiness.

Promising review: "These are definitely a must-have! I don't like the whole 'eyeshadow before foundation' thing, so this helps catch all of the fallout! Plus, they're really good at giving you a straight-edged line for an awesome cat eye." —MorgaNicole

Price: $11.95 (two 30-count boxes)

4. Comfy high-waisted jeans that actually fit well and don't cost a fortune.

Promising review: "As a very short person with disproportionately short legs, pants don't usually fit well. On top of that, I don't have a big butt. I never order pants online for those reasons, but a friend referred me to these and they are a seriously good deal! The pants are very soft and stretchy, not too thin, thick, nor stiff. They are probably three inches too long, but they don't make 'jean cankles' when scrunched up." —Alixandria

Price: $32.99+

5. Iridescent grinder mills that just want to be a part of your "kitchen."

Promising review: "This surpassed my expectations for a grinder in this price range. It grinds herbs very evenly and easily, and the included pollen scraper works wonders. The colors look very nice, not too flashy and not too dark." —Amazon Customer

Price: $14.99

6. Chic rain boots that keep your feet warm and dry without looking clumsy and clunky.

Promising review: "I wish I could give these boots more than five stars. They fit like a glove and I feel very stylish wearing them, but most importantly, my feet are 100% dry. I seriously can't rave about these enough." —Erin Johnston

Price: $27.99+


7. An oil-free primer that basically blurs your pores into (temporary) non-existence.

Promising review: "The Benefit Porefessional was my holy grail, even if it was 30 dollars. But this is a fraction of the price and really does work just as well. —Alicia Jimenes

Price: $8.06

8. A color-changing diffuser (or humidifier with just water) that's small enough to fit any table without cluttering it up.

Promising review: "It runs for six hours and then will auto shut off. I love that you have multiple colors to choose from if you want a 'night light' effect. You can either have them rotate or choose one color to stay on, or not have any of the lights on." —M R M

Price: $19.95

9. The Diva Cup, aka an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons and overall godsend according to basically every lady who's ever used one.

Promising review: "I think every woman should try a menstrual cup. I had no struggles with inserting or removing — just do your research and read the insertion and care instructions. Once you get past the overall operation of this product, it's really not that hard to use/clean. I forgot it was inside me most of the time. There was no leaking (not even at bedtime) and I only had to change it every 12 hours, including my heavy days. You think your vagina is Niagara Falls, but you'll find you've just been using the wrong products. In conclusion, this is the most convenient thing to happen on my period. I just used convenient and period in the same sentence. I rest my case." —Amazon Customer

Price: $26.25 (varies for other models/sizes)

10. An exceedingly comfortable midi dress that comes in 13 colors (for 13 new dresses, amirite).

Promising review: "This is such a gorgeous dress. The blue looks just like it does in the picture. It's a thick, sort of stretchy and slinky material. It's a little loose around the midsection, which I love. The arms are a little tight, but not so much that it bothers me. At this price, I might have to order another color!" —Cinderella41

Price: $10.99+


11. A trustworthy, hella affordable mascara that you'll keep coming back to throughout the years.

Promising review: "My search for a great mascara brought me right back to a teenage favorite! I'm so glad I found you again, dear friend — I will never forget you again! Every time I wear this stuff, people tell me how beautiful my lashes are or ask me if they're real! I've been paying tons of money for mascaras that never do what they promise." —Diamond

Price: $5.69

12. A super nifty storm glass that weather buffs will gust about.

Promising review: "The elegant design looked like it would make a great shelf display, so I decided to get it and crossed my fingers hoping it would work. And it did! Not at first, but after a week, the crystals really form according to the weather. The glass tube feels very thick and sturdy too." —Selma Z.

Price: $20

13. An orange concealer that'll do wonders for your annoying dark circles with just a few pats.

Promising review: "I was hesitant about purchasing such a pigmented orange color, but the internet raved about how great it is for under-eye circles. I pat the color (a little goes a long way) with my ring finger, lightly blend, and then put my foundation over. POOF...dark circles are gone! It stays put all day and I don't even need to add more foundation; I was scared the orange would peek through, but it never did." —Amazon Customer

Price: $5

14. A cozy travel scarf that'll make uncomfortable flights (all of them, frankly) a thing of the past.

Promising review: "This thing is the greatest thing invented since chicken and biscuits. It's like a nice scarf with just enough support to keep your neck in the right position. I highly recommend it." —Deana Hero

Price: $29.99


15. A hydrating moisturizer that makes your skin feel bouncier and look more vibrant.

Promising review: "I have dry skin, or should I say, had?! Ever since I started using this product, my skin has become super hydrated and as soft as a baby bum! I had been using a Clinique moisturizer, which didn't clear up these dry patches I had on the sides of my nose, but this St. Ives one accomplished the job! It's inexpensive and so worth buying over high-end moisturizers." —Joy

Price: $5.17

16. A darling set of striped socks that all serious feline lovers need in their wardrobe.

Promising review: "Socks are good quality and fit very well. I really like the assortment of colors, and of course, they show my love for anything with cats!" —Robert E. Wood

Price: $10.99 (for five pairs)

17. A quick-absorbing vitamin C serum that's just as effective (if not more) than its way pricier counterparts.

Promising review: "My wife requested I buy this, and I decided to use it on my dark eye circles. After about one to two weeks, my circles are almost completely gone and I no longer look like a sleepy zombie. Great price and very effective." —Sarah+Anthony

Price: $9.95

18. A pair of gentle but effective grooming gloves that household pets and farm animals won't find irritating.

Promising review: "My exceptionally furry Chocolate Lab thinks this is a massage, and my shorthaired Boston Terrier can be groomed without her skin becoming agitated. Best part: you can just fling the fur off instead of having to pick dog hair off of a brush. I also use them on my goats — especially useful on a super skittish doe who shies away from traditional brushes. Well designed, incredibly useful." —D Bryan

Price: $21.32


19. A homemade moisturizing cream that costs as much as your morning latte (but lasts way longer and gives you baby-soft skin).

Promising review: "I was a little leery of purchasing this simply because it's so affordable, but this works just as well, if not better, than the designer brands I have tried. It does have a substantial consistency (like mayonnaise), so I thought it would be way too heavy and oily — it definitely needs some time to absorb before I can apply makeup, but after about five minutes, my skin feels incredibly soft and supple!" —L. Ruberto

Price: $3.99 (+$4.24 shipping)

It's also available in an unscented version.

20. Colorful, pliable glue that fixes just about any small repair job you come across.

Promising review: "Where has this product been my entire life? I have used mine on aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, and some fabrics. Saves you tons of money when you don't have to replace everything that breaks around the house!" —Andrea

Price: $22 (for a pack of eight)

21. A well-versed book that'll give you the kick in the butt you need to start being financially smart.

Promising review: "The best way to start a budget austerity program is probably not to run out and buy a book on the subject, but this book turned out to be worth the money. Dave is already nagging at my conscience, and I have already implemented some of his ideas. He is dead-on about budgets." —Joyce A. Dunn

Price: $14.99


The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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