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30 Gifts For The Wanderlust-Obsessed Person In Your Life

Do you hear that? Adventure is calling. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

1. A sleeping mask that understands you won't wake up for anything short of a Parisian breakfast in bed.

2. Chic glow-in-the-dark patches that understand your urge to escape from city life and bask in some ~fresh air~.

Pack up your bags and head out NOW.

Get them from Asilda Store on Etsy for $7.50 each.

Other cool pins/patches from this shop here, here, and here.

3. A travel book with gorgeous photos and trip suggestions that will drive your wanderlust out of control.

4. Or a travel guide that takes into account your tragically broke situation.

5. A cute floppy hat that lets everyone know you're not available to talk.

6. A travel-hungry necklace that's already taken flight.

7. A scratch-off world map that will reveal its colors over the years.

8. Colorful pencils that encourage you to take the road less traveled.

9. A deck of travel guide cards that will help you find adventure around every corner.

10. A whimsical print that reimagines what you thought flying meant as a little kid.

11. A black-and-white tapestry with a true sense of urgency.

12. An airplane corkscrew that'll have you wishing you were poppin' bottles in first class.

Living that glam life like Fergie. One day.

Get it from Amazon for $11.15.

13. Delicate, stacked mountain accessories that make a quiet but bold statement.

Get the cufflinks for $51+ and the ring for $35+, both from Paula Elaine Barnett on Etsy.

14. A scrapbook that organizes all the unassuming pieces of paper that led you to incredibly exciting places.

15. Cozy pullovers with a simple design heavily inspired by the great outdoors.

Get both shirts from Blackbird Supply on Etsy — the left shirt for $38 and the right shirt for $32 (both available in sizes S-XL).

16. A guided travel diary with plenty of space for recording every whimsical discovery you make along the way.

Get it from Amazon for $13.76.

17. A dotted leather passport cover etched with a subtle piece of advice.

18. A festive garland to keep as inspiration or to use as decoration for a future grand ~going away~ party.

19. A gold necklace that somehow makes the world seem a lot smaller and more accessible.

20. A lovely print that illustrates an adventurous heart and encourages you to never stop traveling/reading.

21. An adorable balloon pin house modeled after the famous mode of transportation found in Up.

22. A sturdy and chic duffel bag to help you pack light (and avoid paying extra money for checked bags).

23. An anti-theft backpack with hidden ninja zippers/pockets that also happens to be slash-proof and water-resistant.

Get it from Amazon for $40.99.

24. A pretty coordinates necklace that lets you keep your ~favorite place~ close to your heart.

25. A fashionable watch that lets your vacation-deprived self tell it straight.

26. A travel wallet with a very important reminder about spending money while abroad.

Just because it looks like it belongs in a Monopoly game doesn't make it so.

Get it from Asos for $29 or Amazon for $15.80.

27. A blue-skies umbrella so you can pretend you're flying high up, going somewhere wonderful.

28. Cute notebooks that are super useful for jotting down notes (aka future travel plans).

29. A heat-sensitive mug that reflects the state of the world at all hours.

30. And finally, a simple print that nails the very nature of wanderlust on its head.

Adventure is out there!

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