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    40 Gifts For Anyone Obsessed With Korean Beauty

    *debates saving yourself the hassle of wrapping all of these presents and just writing "From me, to me" on all of them*

    1. A pack of practically invisible CosRx Clear Fit Master Patches that are meant to be worn more during the daytime and are thinner than the original Master Patches — armed with both, they can fight and deflate nasty whitehead pimples all day long.

    2. A ~killer~ felt tip Clio liquid eyeliner for possibly the most precise cat eyes of their lives — it dries down to a matte finish almost straight away and its waterproof formula stays put all freaking day.

    3. A Huxley brightening essence with antioxidant-rich, pollution-fighting ingredients like prickly pear cactus seed oil sourced from the Sahara — they’ll drip, drip, drip their way to dewy skin!

    4. An adorable Belif Winter Waterdrop Kit, a travel-friendly set of super hydrating products that'll leave the driest and tightest feeling skin feeling soft to the touch.

    5. A plump Holika Holika x Gudetama makeup sponge that, despite its lazy persona, actually buffs in foundation and concealer super effectively and perfectly — that way, they'll be able to start off each day with a dose of cuteness!

    6. A collection of Dr. Jart Cicipair tiger grass products — color correcting treatment with SPF 30, serum, cream, camo drops, and night masks — that are holy grail products for people who deal with constant redness, acne flares, and uneven skin tone.

    7. A petite, travel-friendly Enature Birch Juice Hydro Kit for an intensely moisturizing and soothing skincare sesh that'll restore their ~glow~ overnight.

    8. A TonyMoly Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack to boost super fine hair or bring overprocessed, fried hair back from the bleach graveyard and nix the tangledness, while making their entire head look shiny and healthy from root to tip!

    9. A 70-pack of propolis extract– (a naturally-occurring antiseptic!) and hyaluronic acid–filled CosRx One Step Moisture Up Pads so they can soothe stressed out skin, remove irritants and dead skin cells, and prep the skin for smooth makeup application (so their foundation blends in seamlessly and actually looks like it's their real skin).

    10. A Peripera Ink Airy Velvet lippie for super flattering pigment that *actually* lasts all day — whether they apply it evenly all over or decide to go for the ~blotted lip~ lewk, they'll be ready to tackle on whatever the day brings and look fabulous doing it!

    11. A sensitive-skin-friendly Skinfood Black Sugar Mask to exfoliate away of the dullness, dark spots, and general dead skin cells plaguing your face using mineral-rich Brazillian black sugar granules — in just 10 to 15 minutes, they'll experience smoother, softer skin!

    12. A magical, texture-changing CosRx Light Fit Real Water Toner To Cream with a satisfying, airless pump and a unique water drop texture that allows the ingredients — which include sea water, Vitamins C and E, and niacinamide — to dive deeper into the skin for long-lasting moisture. But let's be real: it's so addicting to watch the formula disperse into droplets!

    13. Pantone-inspired Tony Moly lip balms for giving their dry, cracked lips major relief this winter — thanks to nourishing blends of camellia/rosehip/peppermint oils, shea butter, and manuka honey.

    14. A multitasking Neogen Vita Duo Cream made up of surprisingly lightweight, calming, and redness-reducing Joan Day (green tea and Vitamin C) and Joan Night creams (lavender and Vitamin E), perfectly nestled together in their separate halves for literal 24-hour hydration and protection.

    15. A Soko Glam Slumber Party Skincare Set to arm them with everything they need to pamper their skin and have a relaxing night in — all they need to do is add Netflix.

    16. A 97% hyaluronic acid Elizavecca Hell Pore Control Serum that actually keeps hydrating and restoring their moisture barrier well after the initial application — while also affecting long-term improvements, like fading dark spots, lessening the appearance of wrinkles, and preventing new batches of acne or redness from popping up.

    17. A redness-neutralizing Erborian CC Cream infused with centella asiatica to seal in moisture and protect skin — any friends with hyper-sensitive skin or rosacea would love this!

    18. A beginner-friendly Etude House brow pencil so they can achieve the full but natural brows they truly deserve — and with just a few strokes, instead of some tedious pomade and angled brush routine.

    19. Colorful, fun-to-use TPSY lip markers they'll totally love scribbling in their lips with — hello, picture-perfect pout! And did I mention it's makeout-friendly? 😉 Where's the mistletoe??

    20. A 16-pack of Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Sheet Masks to give their faces a big 'ol dose of calming hydration anytime they need it — while keeping it fresh with variety and allowing them to discover what ingredients their skin reacts the best to.

    21. A charcoal and tea tree heavy Glow Recipe Clear Complexion Holiday Set that helps keep their breakouts under control — because they have plenty to worry about in 2019, and pimples and dull skin aren't going to be on that list!

    22. A gorgeous Peripera liquid eyeshadow to give their peepers a lovely ~dazzle~ without blinding every passerby — it's called subtle everyday sparkle, look it up!

    23. A K-Beauty discovery kit by Sephora Play! that allows them to sample super popular products before committing to full sizes, and learn about K-Beauty as a whole with access to a free, exclusive online ~crash course~.

    24. A non-sticky, lip-gloss-alternative Nooni appleberry lip oil for hydrating, soothing, and gently exfoliating dry, cracked lips that are in need of some serious TLC — and it adds just the perfect tiny flush of pinky red color! Pucker up!

    25. A gentle Sulwhasoo cleansing foam formulated with unique botanical ingredients like duckweed and chestnut shell extracts to remove dead skin cells with overstimulating their skin, simply leaving behind smooth and supple skin — and that rich lather will make them feel like they're being cuddled by a cloud!

    26. A Facetory sheet mask subscription box (or multiple — it automatically renews each month and you can cancel anytime) to supercharge their skin with consistent hydration — so they never have those "OMG, my skin is so tight and uncomfortable moments" ever — and for the busy folks in your life, it's truly a gift of ~down time~.

    27. A BomiBox subscription box to fuel their K-beauty obsession with brands and products they might've never discovered otherwise — hello, clear skin and shiny hair!

    28. A silky Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer their pores will legitimately have nightmares about because it glides over pores and instantly makes them vanish — because, quite frankly, they never stood a chance. The formula is also infused with soothing green tea extract and leaves an all-day matte finish!

    29. A blurring-effect Innisfree powder to seriously minimize the appearance of large pores with just a few pats — whether you apply it before or after makeup, it mattifies everything instantly and makes sure everything stays in place all day.

    30. A cutesy Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush that shows them just how much you ~heart~ them — BTW, it's hard to go overboard application-wise, since the lighthanded cushion formula spreads out the pigment and makes it a true, sheer-but-buildable product.

    31. A ultra-gentle, cooling, and no-frills Etude House pH 5.5 Relief Toner to help calm down skin at the very first sign of irritation, repair the skin barrier, and as always deliver deep hydration — all by using simple ingredients like panthenol (closely related to Vitamin B5) and madecassoside derived from centella asiatica.

    32. A darling customizable Innisfree cushion compact with one of the widest shade ranges from a K-beauty brand to date* — cheers to gifting natural-looking coverage, easy touch-ups, and velvety smooth skin all day long!

    33. A newbie-friendly Glow Studio Hydrated Glow K-beauty Routine Kit for normal to dry skin that's desperate for deep hydration that goes beyond the surface of their skin and retains moisture, so their effects last well beyond a full night's rest.

    34. A ridiculously airy Laneige Calming Mousse Moisturizer to ~whip~ up a gentle layer of deep sea water and lychee extract infused moisture that'll feel like a real treat for stressed skin and sit obediently underneath makeup.

    35. A mild but super effective The Saem peeling gel for performing the underappreciated but highly satisfying task of sloughing off surface dirt and dead skin cells — smooth skin, reveal yourself!

    36. A Then I Met You Cleansing Duo consisting of a oil-based balm and water-based cleanser that work together to melt every speck of makeup and pore-clogging bacteria, and all evidence of city pollution off of your skin — it's the perfect way to unwind and massage the day away.