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26 K-Pop Beauty Moments That Might Just Leave You Speechless

Warning: lots of gorgeous people and sparkles ahead.

K-pop. Not only is the music crazy addicting, but the makeup and hair styling is ON FREAKING POINT. From EXO to BTS to Girls Generation, They're never afraid to get experimental and try out different looks and colors based on their album concepts and general beauty trends. So prepare your eyes for some major inspiration ahead:

1. NCT's Jaehyun rocks a light dusting of freckles across his cheeks and nose for a very softboi look.

2. Girl's Generation Taeyeon channeled ethereal goddess vibes when she dotted her face with dainty flowers for her "Make Me Love You" music video.

3. EXID's Hyerin took on the fake freckles trends with a different approach as well: teensy stickers in dot, star, and heart patterns.

4. Chen lit up the "Power" set with his canary yellow eyeshadow, and honestly, he's now my trendy makeup muse.

5. And Xiumin's scattered glitter eye makeup paired with the prominent blue undereye liner is giving me electric, space, and galaxy realness.

6. EXID's Hani rocked mismatching colored lenses on the set of the "Hot Pink" music video — because matching is so elementary, ya know?

7. Even though this photo is an ad for a colored lens company — perhaps the same one they used for the aforementioned music video — I'm drawn in by Hani's deep violet makeup and gold shimmer accents.

8. We've covered glittery makeup, but Minhyuk took the glitter game up a whole notch by incorporating it into his hair in "Beautiful."

9. Nayeon's makeup artist decided to forgo the usual blended-in blush for faint hearts because "what is love" if it's not staring you right in the face?

10. Seventeen's S.Coups always has the best gradient lips that somehow manage to look totally juicy yet natural at the same time??

11. Red Velvet's Wendy pulled off the perfect smokey eye in this promo video for "Bad Boy." She's actually staring deep into my soul right now.

12. B.A.P's Daehyun has convinced me that going out and buying a pack of temporary tattoos is the best thing for my life right now.

13. Irene's taro-colored hairdo is #hairgoals. I hate Instagram hashtags, but it's 10000% appropriate to use here.

14. I'd like to take this moment to appreciate Zico's majestic electric blue hair. Maybe it's the chill/sweet vibe of "She's a Baby," but I'm swooning.

15. I'm copying Taeyeon's messy buns, sparkly tangerine eyeshadow, baby pink pom-pom earrings, and sequined jacket for my next night out.

16. Baekhyun is truly the K-pop king of eyeshadow and eyeliner and his most recent deep pink lewk in EXO-CBX's "Blooming Days" is so droolworthy and eye-catching.

17. Baek A Yeon serves up soft, straight pink eyebrows to match the rest of her makeup in "Sweet Lies" and I need to know what product she used.

18. Ok, this might be a bit of a stretch, but I think Monsta X's Wonho's face paint in "All In" is actually perfectly executed and actually something I'd try on the weekends.

19. This floating glitter liner, as seen on actress/singer extraordinaire Lee Sung-kyung is to die for. Bury me in it.

20. Jimin adds layers and layers of sexiness every time he blesses us with a smokey eye.

21. I'm obsessed with Suzy's eyeliner because the the baby wing coming off of the bottom lash adds dimension that makes her eyes pop ~even more~.

22. NCT U's Lucas makes a seemingly ordinary fully-lined eye seem so attractive and alluring — and yes, the soft blue lenses also help.

23. I'm living for Heize's subtle pink draping and the seamless eye to cheek look: simple yet unique.

24. And let's never forget Heize's ultra glossy photoshoot for Stylenanda because that sheen is literally out of this freakin' world.

25. Monsta X's Kihyun slays us with his jeweled ear, which (again) is very appropriate for a track titled "Beautiful."

26. And I'll end this list on a colorful beauty to behold: Blackpink Jisoo's sparkly rainbow nails covered in heart-shaped sequins crafted by famed nail artist Park Eunkyung.

BRB, floating around in K-pop beauty heaven and fangirling with Dahyun and Momo!

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