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27 Of The Cutest Pieces Of Jewelry You've Ever Seen

Have you ever said "coo" to a piece of jewelry? You will now.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. A unicorn ring that'll kindle a little bit of magic everywhere you go.

Get it from GOODAFTERNINE on Etsy for $39.

2. A grumpy cat that's honestly had enough of your shit (and then some).

Get it from Compoco on Amazon Handmade for $9.60.

3. A pair of Pusheens just chilling in teacups and enjoying the simple life.

Get them from Hey Chickadee for $10.

4. A beautiful floral-patterned love letter for those who deserve to hear it the most.

Get it from SilentRoses on Etsy for $35.

5. Downsized versions of your favorite animated emotions that you can wear according to your mood.

Although if you pick them out in the morning, it might just always be sadness.

Get the set from CloudNineDreams on Etsy for $25. You can buy the characters separately too, if you'd prefer.

6. A totally non-threatening origami dinosaur that would emit the tiniest of "rawrs."

Get it from UnforgettableJules on Etsy for $12.

7. A pair of elegant (and caught off-guard) mermaids who will make you wonder what it's really like ~under the sea~.

Get them from LadySmooch on Etsy for $6.64.

8. A cup of hot chocolate* that'll make you feel like you're in a dollhouse.

*recommended with a real cup of hot chocolate (and cookie for dipping!) to avoid tormenting yourself

Get it from Ilianne on Etsy for $19.50.

Also available with coffee and lemon tea.

9. A pair of chikalicious earrings to express your love for your favorite brunch dish.

Sorry, chicken.

Get them from UnpossibleCuts on Etsy for $12.95.

10. An adorably clueless Totoro that you might miss if you don't look closely enough.

Get it from PeachesandPebbles on Etsy for $24.04.

11. Mix-and-match pairs of Disney's stunning leading ladies for endless possibilities and magic.

Choose any two princesses from here and here on Nerdy But Still Girly for $14.99.

12. A couple of joyful elephants with tiny trunks that'll totally steal your heart.

Get them from Amazon for $11.25 each.

13. A pair of smiling tapioca-filled bubble tea drinks — because just having one is never enough.

Get them from cbexpress on Etsy for $15.

14. A tiny friend who'd rather you compliment them on their cute bow than comment on their stage of life.

Get it from JoyCarry on Etsy for $26.90.

15. A potted cactus plant that's so delighted to see your face that it's raising its little arms in excitement.

Ok, so maybe its arms are always raised. But it's still really happy to see you!

Get it from FemininCo on Etsy for $5.75.

16. A delectable set of sweet treats that basically sums up what makes you happy in life.

There's no such thing as sugar overload. It's called bliss.

Get them from Modcloth for $19.99.

17. A pair of wandering ghosts that don't seem to be on the same page emotionally.

Is the sad ghost in love with the heart-eyed ghost, who's in love with a mysterious third ghost? Is it a love triangle? So many questions!

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $10.

18. A lil' shiny BB-8 that'll happily accompany you on all your adventures.

Get it from Think Geek for $19.99.

19. Chocolate chip cookies that could end up with some bite marks when you're overcome with hangry-ness.

Get them from BadgersBakery on Etsy for $9.

20. A stunning striped purple-gray geode that's equal parts precious and stylish.

For the ~gem~ that you are.

Get it from northernroots on Etsy for $40.

21. Miniature versions of literary classics that are probably sitting on your bookshelf right now.

Get them from JanDaJewelry for $15 each.

22. A couple of busy bumblebees that just want a second of your attention (and a bit of honey if you have some).

Get them from TiffanyAvenueBridal on Etsy for $16 each.

23. A pair of perky Eevees that are ready to play (and battle if needed, but mostly play).

Get them from CloudNineDreams on Etsy for $6.

Rather have a pair of laughing Bulbasaurs or playful Charmanders? I gotchu.

24. Itty bitty ferns encased in glass raindrops that'll have you wishing for Spring.

Get them from Blanc and Jaune on Etsy for $18.

25. Three pairs of Kirbys totally ready for action in all of their squishy, pinky glory.

Get them from GamersBoutique on Etsy for $15.99.

26. Bright red bows perfect for any Hello Kitty fans out there.

Get them from Nylon for $18. If you actually want Hello Kitty, there are these studs for you.

27. Minuscule dumpling cufflinks that are all that and dim sum.


Get them from SchickieMickie on Etsy for $47.16.

So tiny, much squeeeeeee!!!!!

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