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19 Amazing Korean Beauty Brands You Can Get On Nordstrom Right Now

The giant retailer's "K-Beauty Pop-In Shop" goes until March 26th. Shop the entire collection here!

1. Ipkn is a NYC-inspired brand that that utilizes both cute and sleek designs, like this Twinkle Sun Blur Base (a three-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer) and Multi-Tasking Foundation Cushion.

2. I Woke Up Like This is made up of high-performing skin care products, like the Hydra Rose Oil, for absolutely radiant skin that people will think you were born with.

3. Too Cool For School is for the girl who wants results-driven products, but also can't resist cute packaging — their Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher and Egg Mellow Cream are perfect examples of this winning combination.

4. Dongwha infuses its rich knowledge of traditional Korean medicine into its Whal Myung Skin Elixir, which is a powerful, all-in-one toner, serum, and oil.

5. Chosungah 22 offers a spunky makeup collection that includes the Dual Lip Tint & Gloss and the Bounce Up Pact Powder Foundation.

6. 24/7 products work around-the-clock to keep your skin looking dewy and fresh, like the Touch Up Skin Perfecting Cream, which can be used all over or just as highlighter.

7. Hanahzo has a ridiculously pretty and nourishing selection of natural soaps and salt scrubs, including the Undercloud Soap and Lime Tea Tree Salt Scrub.

8. Onnu is a line of vibrant polishes and stickers designed by nail artist Ryu On-yu, who is sometimes referred to the G-Dragon of the industry.

9. Ooh Lala's got your back if you're in the market for cute hand mirrors and makeup pouches.

10. Tpsy is all about keeping things light and spontaneous with its lip products, including this super hydrating, easy-to-use Draw Lip Crayon.

11. Me Factory pampers and refreshes your face with its futuristic-looking foil masks and three-step nose strips.

12. Touch In Sol's eye-catching products reflect founder Sean Lim's motto, "don't let your beauty be boring," and the Brow Gellin Gel Eyebrow Styler and Lust Lacquer Waterdrop Lip Tint are no exceptions.

13. Sukoo Sukoo created your new shower/bath buddy — wide-eyed, adorable, and ready to scrub and exfoliate away.

14. Cool Enough Studio offers accessories that you didn't know you needed, like a half-committed sleeping mask and 3D rectangular pocket mirror.

15. The founders of K-Beauty curation site Glow Recipe hand-picked the organic, luxurious masks featured in the 10 Days to Glow Hydrogel Beauty Mask Set.

16. Huxley's entire lineup, including its Cleansing Water and Oil Essence, focuses on one key ingredient: Sahara Cactus Seed Oil.

17. Color Buckat combines cute with functional, like this Mirror Mirror Gel Liner that comes with a tiny mirror (surprise!) so you can fix up your eyes on the fly.

18. Abbamart describes itself as a "beauty playground for stylish girls" and offers a vast selection of bright-hued makeup, but its best-sellers include the 10-Piece Brush Set and Viva Cleaner Brush Cleansing Soap.

19. Vant is a line of minimalist-designed skin care formulated with naturally-derived ingredients like birch tree sap and mushroom extract (Phyto Skin Toner) and various root extracts (Instant Facial Nourishing Mask).

Bye bye money, hellooo new products!

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