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32 Creepy Products To Transform Your Home Into A Haunted House

♫ It's the most ~creepy~ time of the year. ♫

1. Hang a couple of faceless and definitely soulless ghouls that will give you the jeepers.

Get a set of three from World Market for $29.97.

If skeletons with silver glitter-covered faces would be easier on your eyes, you can get this set.

2. Set your dining table with a bloody gauze cover to appeal to everyone's taste buds.

3. Fill up some IV bags with a bloody red concoction so you and your guests can fulfill your dreams of becoming vampires.

4. Plaster some unsettling decals on your wall to set the (murder) scene.

Different options for how committed you are, from ceiling-to-floor to baby, peek-a-boo holes.

Get the full wall set here, the asylum set here, and the decaying wall set here.

5. Set up some haunting, mid-air digital decorations that are totally worth the extra effort.

6. Plant a grim reaper chilling on its throne right in the middle of your living room for maximum impact.

7. String a row of zombie string lights to *light up* an otherwise super dreary night.

Get them from Think Geek for $24.99.

8. Or a line of weeping angels to welcome you to a delightful, totally non-terrifying party.

Get them from Think Geek for $24.99.

9. Let a monster hand roam free about your house and brush up against a few unsuspecting friends (or enemies).

10. Replace your boring, normal TV with a haunted one that has a masked figure literally trying to jab its way out.

Help meee.

Get it from Target for $50.

11. Dangle a garland of bloody weapons that is purely for decoration and not straight-up evidence of a recent murder.

12. Cast some killer spiderwebs with this handy gun that lets you embrace your inner Spiderman.

Bonus: Couple the spiderwebs with some LED lights for an awesome backdrop.

Get it from Think Geek for $29.99.

13. Decorate your walls with some semi-encouraging wooden signs adorned with tasteful red splatters.

14. Dangle a few sound-activated swinging bats in any entryway that needs a little ~livening up~.

15. Set up this knife-equipped Joker clawing its way out of the ground (complete with a motion-sensitive spotlight) to strike fear into the hearts of many.

16. Plop down a furry, giant-ass spider that will really add a pop of fear wherever it lands.

17. Hang a rather terrifying image-shifting portrait straight out of The Exorcist to show off the double-sided nature of mankind.

18. Adhere a peeping mummy decal because it'd be downright shameful to have an empty window display.

19. Paste your bathroom door with a creepy skeleton decal so everyone knows it's occupied.

Get it from Amazon for $5.38.

20. And then stick a gory zombie-infested cover onto your toilet seat because, well, you warned them not to go in.

21. Affix an eerie, glowing eyeball doorbell that flutters open when you push to ring.

The fun starts way before you even enter.

Get it from Target for $10.

22. Prop a few color-changing skeleton table pieces to keep you and your guests company.

23. Hover a perched vulture with nothing to do but stare at you all day with its beady little eyes.

24. ~Dress up~ your windows with a scarily life-like, 3D peeping Tom.

Because, let's face it, real people are the stuff of nightmares.

Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

If you want to up the creepy factor even more, get an animated version that actually taps its fingers on your window.

25. Anchor down some tombstones on your front yard for that classic Halloween vibe.

26. Scatter some villainous coasters around so guests can be shadowed and watched over around for their entire stay.

27. Enhance your otherwise innocent dishwasher or fridge with an immensely creepy demon.

28. Run a fog machine, because why even try for a haunted house without one?

29. Upgrade your bushes with some ominous peepers that don't seem like they belong to a very friendly creature.

30. Tack on a couple of disturbing hands casually clawing their way out of a wall, skull included.

31. Spice up your front yard situation with a polka dotted dead clown on a swing.

32. And lastly, blow up some monstrous bat balloons to ramp up the holiday spirit.

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