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27 Sapphire Engagement Rings That Are Stunning AF

Sapphire away at my heart.

1. A triangle of pale blue sapphires for feigning surprise when people notice and you say, "Oh, this little thing?"

*casually fans hand* "Oh my, it's so hot today, isn't it?"

Get it from Wwake on Catbird for $877. / Sizes: 4–8.5.

2. A black sapphire wave ring that may or may not cause a ripple in time.

3. A delicate, stackable pink sapphire belle crowned by a single baby diamond.

Get it from Melanie Casey Jewelry on Etsy for $490. / Sizes: 2.5–10 / Available in bright polished or brushed matte finishes.

4. An elegant band dotted with purple sapphires that looks stellar from every angle.

5. A blooming sapphire, aquamarine, and sterling silver fusion easily passable for a family antique.

Get it from Amazon Collection on Amazon for $86.27. / Sizes: 6–7.

Other affordable options from Amazon here, here, and here.

6. A clustered green sapphire number whose motto is "The more jewels the better."

7. A sapphire trio you can wear separately on low-key days but then stack 'em when you're feeling like damn royalty.

So...every day.

Get it from Minimal VS on Etsy for $2,390+. / Sizes: 3.25–8. / Available in 14K or 18K rose, white, and yellow gold.

8. An ethereal crescent ring that can totally pull off a Moon Prism Power attack à la Sailor Moon.

9. A teal sapphire and pear diamond number probably plucked straight from an enchanted forest.

Get it from Artemer on Etsy for $3,200. / Sizes 3–10. / Available in 18K rose, white, and yellow gold.

10. A pea pod of seven pink sapphires ready to whistle away and do some work.

11. A navy blue sapphire gently cupped by a graceful gold crown bezel.

Get it from Diana Fakhoury Designs on Amazon Handmade for $418. / Sizes: 4–8.

12. A white sapphire stunner that is much subtler than a giant diamond.

13. A vintage beauty oozing with old-school glam, aka eight round-cut diamonds and five emerald-cut blue sapphires.

Life's hard when you have to fend off people who want to stare at your ring all day.

Get it from Bella Lana Jewelry on Etsy for $500. / Size: 5.25 (can be resized for a small fee).

If it's sold out, check out the rest of the shop's sapphire offerings here!

14. A clustered diamond and rose-cut sapphire beaut slightly reminiscent of a sideways puppy paw.

15. A true blue baguette ring intently guarded by its loyal mini diamonds.

Get it from Jennie Kwon on Catbird for $1,100. / Sizes: 4–8.

16. A parade of differently hued blues for a four-part story you'll never tire of.

17. A gentle green gem accented with a diamond V for victor...ious engagement.

This ring only exists in the land of yeses.

Get it from Averie Jewelry on Etsy for $229. / Sizes: 4–9.

18. A regal blue sapphire and diamond pair perched in its 14K gold throne.

19. A Japanese magnolia-inspired number made from pink sapphires, diamonds, and green paraibas for 360 degrees of enchantment.

If you didn't know what love manifested in a physical form looked like, THIS IS IT.

Get it from Kataoka on Catbird for $3,480. / Sizes: 4–8.5.

20. An abstract circle ring with an off-center sapphire for an understated statement.

21. A matte gold two-fer that looks killer right side up, upside-down, and all around.

Or wear the sapphire on its own as a single teardrop for maximum melanchol—minimalism.

Get it from FRomaG on Etsy for $645. / Sizes 3.5–9.5. / Available in 14K rose, white, and yellow gold.

22. A peachy pink sapphire hugged and loved all around by its extended family of diamonds.

23. For a bold statement piece, a multicolored sapphire dreamboat that really just exists on its own level.

Handcrafted by Russian designers and Thai craftsmen for a truly global collaboration.

Get it from Open Jart on AHAlife for $4,895. / Sizes: 5–9.

24. A lovely infinity ring speckled with blue and yellow sapphires for a punch of color (and everlasting promise).

25. A flower-shaped sapphire ring accented with a diamond center for the rarest garden pick around.

Get it from Tanso on Etsy for $457+. / Sizes: 3–12. / Available in 14K white and yellow gold.

26. A subtle golden hoop with a single blue sapphire, because it's not about the flashy life.

27. A gleaming blue sapphire ring made with cubic zirconia for a stylish option that doesn't cost three months of your salary.

More money left over to keep treating your$elf. 👸

Get it from Belesas on Amazon Handmade for $198.99. / Sizes: 4–8.75. / Available in sterling silver or rose gold platted finishes.

Your not-so-subtle adoration for these rings: