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    33 Insanely Beautiful Formal Dresses You Can Actually Afford

    All under 80 smackaroos. Hello, summer soirées!

    1. A lovely floral medley with daring cutouts begging you to ~look back at them~.

    2. A sexy, curve-hugging charmer that flatters all your finest assets and then some.

    3. A gorgeous floral applique number graced with an elegant sheer bottom for ethereal spring fairy vibes.

    4. A classic black sateen dress that adds a little extra swing and ~flair~ to your ensemble.

    5. A zigzag tulle dress that's basically a magnet for compliments from people in all directions.

    6. An elegantly sexy floor-length dress you can take to prom...and all the other fancy events you'll be invited to.

    7. A flirty sequined fringe beauty that'll make you feel like a disco ball in the best possible way.

    8. A majestic strapless head-turner with iridescent embroidery reminiscent of a peacock.

    9. An one-shoulder dress with a mid-thigh slit that feels slightly James Bond-esque.

    10. A tasteful deep V-neck gem that's a surprisingly soft and comfy option for breathtaking photo shoots.

    11. A sequin-adorned mini perfect for any Gatsby-themed parties on your cal.

    12. A dainty one-shoulder dotted mesh midi that's probably lighter than air.*

    13. Or a super flattering floor-length option also inspired by the roaring '20s.

    14. A darling cap-sleeved gown accented with a lacy bodice and a flowy pleated skirt.

    15. A bold mermaid evening dress that flows naturally over your curves for an "ooh-la-la" effect.

    16. A fitted and poised sleeveless mini with contrasting white and beige lining.

    17. An elegant semi-sheer high-neck dress peppered with embroidered flowers that'll win any garden party.

    18. A breezy ruched rose-print maxi that casually drapes over one shoulder for major Grecian goddess vibes.

    19. A deep-cut lace maxi dress absolutely made for causing double takes.

    20. A sparkling attention-grabber that proves one can never have enough sequins.

    21. A muted but sophisticated satin gown tied together by a subtle front bow and deep V back.

    22. A dazzling layered tulle dress that looks like it easily belongs in a high-end boutique.

    23. A showstopping red maxi with a sweetheart neckline and absolutely necessary side bows.

    24. A simple but elegant sweetheart dress that you can keep as is or easily dress up with the help of a few key accessories.

    25. A comfy one-shoulder sweeper that's flattering in all contexts — from maternity photo shoots to military balls and everything in between.

    26. A flirtatious choker-styled maxi intensified with subtle all-over sparkle.

    27. An embroidered mermaid dress that hugs your curves in all the right places and leaves an elegant train everywhere you go.

    28. A satin fuschia pink dress that isn't afraid to give you the cold shoulder...and cold arm.

    29. A luxurious gray kimono-inspired dress for a passable excuse to wear PJs to a fancy gathering.

    30. A refined rose-patterned two-piece ensemble accompanied by a tiny peek-a-boo of skin.

    31. A classy floral satin stunner that'll never go out of style.

    32. A baby blue off-the-shoulder dress with breathtakingly intricate brocade detailing to boot.

    33. A heart-stopping lace slip dress to keep things heated, just in case the weather isn't warm enough.

    These dresses deserve a grand entrance with everyone's eyes on them.

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.