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36 Amazing Gifts For People Obsessed With Korean Beauty

It's actually you, isn't it?

1. Hand cream that smells like a fresh batch of warm, delicious cookies (that you can't eat, sob).

2. Hydrating night cream that looks like a yummy bubble tea drink.

3. Innisfree cushion compacts that will let you ride a wave of Christmas cheer well into the new year.

Get them from Innisfree for $28.50 each — the first cushion here and the second cushion here.

Innisfree also has Christmas-themed versions of their Green Tea Seed Cream, Second Skin Sheet Masks, and Jeju Perfumed Hand Creams.

4. An iridescent cushion compact that every wannabe mermaid must have in her purse.

5. Adorable holiday-themed Tony Moly products that will probably induce some gingerbread cravings.

Get them from Ulta — the hand butter set for $16.50 and the foam cleanser for $11.50.

6. Bunny lip glosses that you definitely need at least 10 of.

7. Disney-themed sheet masks that will make any grown adult squeal.

8. An ~active~ clay mask that applies like a normal mask and then fizzes up like a bubble bath (on your face).

Get it from Amazon for $10.32.

9. Pretty pastel cushion blushes that will make you feel fancy and primped.

Get the first blush here and the second blush here, both from Amazon for $7.50.

10. A double-ended stick that highlights your super cute under-eye fat.

Read my full review here (#4)!

Get it from Amazon for $6.09 or Etude House for $11.10 (might be faster shipping-wise).

11. Playful sheet masks that will fulfill your dream of morphing into a pug, cat, panda, or seal.

If only temporarily.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $7.99.

12. Gudetama-themed products for the lazy, semi-depressed cartoon egg yolk in all of us.

Get them from Memebox — the essence for $27 and the cleansing sheet duo for $3.

If they're sold out on Memebox, they're also available on Amazon here and here.

There's a variety of other Gudetama products too, like blushers and makeup sponges.

13. An Angry Birds–themed brow kit for fierce (but probably less bushy) brows.

14. Sheer cream cushion blushes that are more calm and collected than you could ever hope to be.

15. Waterproof gel pencil eyeliners with ~moody~ Snow White inspired packaging.

16. Colorful sheet masks that target any and all skin care concerns.

17. A Dumbo-themed version of Etude House's super popular skin essence for any Disney (or elephant) lover.

18. Lovely headbands that keep your hair off of your face while you're doing your skin care routine.

19. A cool DIY lip palette that lets you mix and experiment with different hues to create a customized lip color.

20. Gummy bear hand creams that will give you baby-soft hands and a cute little friend to boot.

21. A satisfying foot peel that will help erase all those years of dead skin accumulating on your stompers.

22. Dinosaur-themed makeup that looks like the sketches you used to draw during middle school science class.

Get the blotting papers from Amazon for $7.48 (if they're sold out at Sephora) and the CC concealer from Sephora $39.

Check out other cute products from TCFS here!

23. Cute Mickey Mouse tinted lip balm for a subtle pop of color (and cheer!!).

24. A gentle vitamin C–infused serum that helps with hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

25. Mascara with itty-bitty wand fibers to lift and extend every (basically) nonexistent lash of yours.

26. Pokémon-themed sheet masks that'll make you want to...collect 'em all.

27. A multitasking cleanser/toner that feels incredibly light on the skin and smells ever so faintly of rose petals.

28. A gift set from stellar French-Korean brand Erborian that includes cleansing oil, lotion, and a bamboo sheet mask.

29. A crazy informative and fun book that will instantly become your K-beauty bible.

30. A little panda whose only mission in life is to help you combat tired, puffy eyes.

31. A primer that will make strangers think, "Damn, maybe she's born with that candle-lit glow."

32. A jelly-like lip mask that will give your pout the pamper sesh it truly deserves.

33. An oil and foam duo that knows the only way to truly clean your face is through a double cleanse.

34. A hydrogel mask that legit has green tea leaves suspended inside.

35. Waterproof tinted brow gel that could pass off for a highlighter (except for the giant BROW label).

Did you know brow gel is vital for studying?

Get it from Sephora for $22. Available in four shades.

36. Hand cream with a friendly cat just hanging out and making sure you're keeping those hands well moisturized.

K-beauty is a lifestyle.

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