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    We Tried These 5 Asian Beauty Products And Seriously Love Them

    Here's what we loved in November!

    1. The AmorePacific Cushion Compact which will give you flawless, natural coverage.

    Sheridan Watson / BuzzFeed

    The last time I was visiting home, I got dragged to some Neiman Marcus beauty event by my mother and cousin. In between being almost decapitated by the pillars of our community lusting after a sample of Creme de la Mer, my cousin found the AmorePacific counter and bought their color control cushion compact. AmorePacific, by the way, is apparently the first company that made cushion compacts a thing.

    The color ended up being too light for my cousin but she gave it to me to test out and man did I fall in love with it. As you can see, I have some scarring on my chin, but I hate wearing heavy foundation because while it covers up the scars, it makes the rest of my face look like a mask. The AmorePacific compact is the perfect in between. I get a nice wash of color but it still feels like…my skin. It’s so easy to put on (there’s a soft sponge included) and lasts pretty much all day. To those balking at the price, I get it, but you do get TWO compacts with it and I know some makeup lines where you have to sell your kidney for an ounce of foundation.

    If you’re any darker than me, you’re out of luck because my color (208) is the darkest they have for now (get your shit together, AmorePacific!) But for those looking for a “me but better” vibe for their foundation, check this one out!

    Sheridan Watson

    You can get it on AmorePacific for $60.

    Lauren Han / BuzzFeed

    2. The I'm The Real Shrek Pack is designed to shrink your pores and can be used on all skin types.

    Lauren Han / BuzzFeed

    I recently went to Korea for the first time and was super excited to learn about my heritage, eat triple my body weight in Korean food, and get some Korean beauty things. Everyone knows that Korea loves their beauty (particularly skincare) products, but I didn't how many stores and products there actually were, like EVERYWHERE.

    After a day of browsing stores on stores on stores, I didn't buy anything because I just couldn't decide actually. So my friend's cousin actually bought this Shrek Pack for us to try out and boy oh boy is it great! I have combination skin – oily in some areas, extremely dry in other parts, and this helps the whole face business I have going on. This mask is good for all skin types, and will shrink your pores. It's a little difficult to wash off, but my skin has noticeably changed for the (much much) better since I've started using this so it's worth the trouble. And it's just fun TBH. I slapped some of this on my face on Halloween and pretended I was a swamp monster because why not, right? —Lauren Han

    You can get it on Amazon for $23.90.

    3. A Goodal Water Full Mask which is super hydrating and will make your skin more firm and all ~glowy.~

    Rachel Wilkerson Miller / BuzzFeed

    I didn't really *get* the face mask craze until I tried the Goodal Water Full mask. Sheet masks seemed fine, but after trying a couple, I'd mostly concluded that they didn't do a whole lot for my skin or make for a self-care ritual. But after trying and falling in love with Dr. G peeling gel, I got more interested in Korean skin care, which led to a recommendation for these Goodal masks. I picked up a few at Club Clio in NYC (you can also buy them online), and they blew every other mask I've ever tried out of the water.

    First, the mask feels wonderful on — cooling and slippery and luscious. It's hard not to just keep running my fingers over it when it's on. Second, it made my skin look fantastic — bright and glowy and truly refreshed — especially when I applied it right using the Dr. G peel. (FYI, despite its icky name, the "whitening" one is my fave.) Now I try to do one once a week, as much for my skin as for my overall state of mind. (Highly recommend stocking up on a bunch as treats for friends/stocking stuffers/hostess gifts as well!) —Rachel Wilkerson Miller

    Get them here for $1.00 each.

    4. The Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker highlights your cute under-eye fat.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    I've never had much of a problem with dark circles, so my body very lovingly compensated with puffy under-eyes, which are made very prominent whenever I smile. I feel like the puffiness swallows up my eyes, making them appear even smaller and just...pudgier. That is, until I read about called "Aeygo-Sal" and found out that under-eye fat is actually considered cute in Korean culture, and I instantly embraced the pudge as if I had loved it all along (I'm very easily swayed, OK). The Etude House Cute Eyes Maker seems to be the most popular option (or at least, the most readily available stateside), so I decided to give it a go.

    I've been trying to experiment more with my eye makeup and the Cute Eyes Maker helps balance out my normally top-heavy look. The end caps are labeled with "step one" and "step two" but you basically draw a shadow to accentuate the puffy areas and then go over them with highlighter. There's nothing that special about the shadow shade (I think a brown eyeshadow would work just as well, if not better), but I love the pearly highlighter shade! I already like to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, so it makes sense that I'd like highlighting my entire under-eye. It's hard to capture the full effect on my iPhone and I used a relatively light hand when applying, but you could definitely build up the shadow. The only con is that the applicator tips are very fat and rounded and don't let you be precise at all, so pro tip: stay as close as you can to your lower eye line as possible when creating your shadow. Overall, it's a handy product and I've been reaching for it whenever I want to add a little ~extra something~. And now, I do genuinely think my under-eye fat is cute, so yay for a small, body-positive victory! —Sarah Han

    You can get it on Amazon for $6.05.

    5. The TONYMOLY I'm Real Sheet Masks each have a different intended effect for your face, like anti-aging and sebum control.

    Erin La Rosa / BuzzFeed

    My friend brought these masks to my bachelorette party, and they were so good that we ended up spending the night in, trying out the masks, and eating room service. They make you look a little like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs when you put them on, but it feels so refreshing. It's cool, smells amazing, and leaves your skin feeling so much more hydrated. The Tea Tree and Aloe masks are especially great if you have dry skin that's in need of a little extra moisture. And they're all super easy to use with very little cleanup — just apply the mask, leave it on for 20 minutes, remove it and that's it. Nothing to rinse off, and the masks aren't funky colors you'd need to worry about. I love these! —Erin La Rosa

    You can get a set on Amazon for $9.98.