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32 Insanely Cute Kitchen Products That Are Actually Useful

Who says cooking can't be fun?

1. A great blue whale that can handle any straining job.

2. Adorable Nessie ladles that are always on standby (literally).

3. Nesting chick measuring cups that will chirp their way into your heart (and pantry).

4. Woodland critters that know that using the right measurements is key.

5. Colorful cutting boards that rep your favorite fictional characters.

Get the Hello Kitty one from Sanrio for $20.25 and the Captain America one from Amazon for $24.95.

6. An astronaut who's headed straight for the planet of the ~eggs~.

Get it from Amazon for $13.16.

7. A ceramic whale that understands the importance of always having room-temperature butter on hand.

8. A birdie that's giving you major side-eye for leaving your vegetables unpeeled.

9. Bear paw mitts that *can* take the heat (of the oven, at least).

10. Lovely cookie cutters that complement each other (and your amazing baking skills).

11. A cheesy sandwich cutter that's very happy to be here.

Get it from Amazon for $8.

12. A sneaky carrot cleverly disguised as a whisk.

13. A genie lamp stopper that will grant you your wish for easy and controlled pouring.

14. Nesting duck colanders that make food prep and washing actually fun.

15. Stackable My Neighbor Totoro containers that will entice you to make and pack your lunch every day.

16. A mighty steam ship lid that turns the mundane into an ~adventure~.

17. A grilled-cheese maker that decorates your sandwiches with Peanuts' finest duo.

18. Sleepy critters that won't even be disturbed by piping hot dishes.

19. Elegant hedgehog measuring cups that leave you zero excuses not to bake.

20. A delightful pan that even a scary and powerful fire demon would approve of.

21. A patient French bulldog who will gladly provide a resting spot for your spoons and ladles.

22. A pedaling monkey who knows the only way to cut pizza is with both hands up in the air.

23. An engraved rolling pin that marks every inch of your dough with cats.

24. A basting brush that looks suspiciously like a highlighter.

25. A helpful fox who's more than happy to lend you his belly as a cheese grater.

26. A bright pink slow cooker perfect for brewing hearty meals (and looking cute while doing so).

27. A green dinosaur who's more than ready to devour (I mean, serve) your pasta.

28. Narwhals with extraordinarily long tusks ready for a day out next to the grill.

29. Cookbooks for fandom enthusiasts looking to fill up their bellies.

Get the Adventure Time one for $18.51 or the Harry Potter one for $11.97. could also get an all-encompassing Geeky Chef cookbook.

30. An alien friend ready to butter up some corn at a moment's notice.

31. Smitten zombie salt shakers attached at the lips (rather than the hip).

32. Unique spatulas that make icing and flipping a piece of cake.

Get the first one from Amazon for $5.71 and the second one from Think Geek for $19.99.

Happy cooking!