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    27 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

    To treat or not to treat...that is not the question. Just do it.

    1. A nature-filled coloring book based on the artwork of arguably the most therapeutic TV host ever.

    2. A "Surprise Sweets" Dash Button so you can have boxes packed with an array of unique desserts shipped to you in wonderful two-day Prime fashion.

    3. A baguette sadly not meant for eating...but it'll provide some nice wrist support as you're furiously typing away some bullshit for the last two pages of your anthropology essay.

    4. An interactive journal that lets you record every triumph and awkward fail of so-called "adulthood" with creative prompts, accompanying laughter, and ample encouragement.

    5. A velvet t-shirt dress to keep handy for when you feel like doning a stylish ~snug hug~ of an ensemble.

    6. Darling pint-sized sunflower sheet masks for extra ~targeted~ treatment (and fun selfies).

    7. Colorful feathers that have somehow been separated from their owners β€” but worry not, they've found a new purpose, writing!

    8. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit to put your wizarding knowledge to the test over the course of 600 questions. Easy peasy.

    9. A slow-rising cat burger squishy toy you definitely don't need to justify or explain at all, because like, duh.

    10. A kick-ass shower duo consisting of an exfoliating glove and seaweed-enriched body soap to banish any signs of dryness, grime, and bacne to the ends of...your shower drain.

    11. An ingenious taco holder that's totally ~on board~ with Taco Tuesdays (and Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, etc.).

    12. For lazier weeknights, a microwave pasta cooker I hear pairs magnificently with a glass of (boxed) wine and Netflix.

    13. Or a scrumptious Korean snack subscription box if you'd rather nix the whole "making food" part altogether.

    14. A flexible rubber scalp brush that gives you an "ahhh, that's the spot" massage, relieves dry, itchy scalps, and helps break up hair product residue and dandruff.

    15. Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan oil for concentrated hydration and strength to both hair and skin.

    16. A rose gold liquid highlighter that actually costs less than doing a load of laundry...and lasts longer than the next coffee spill.

    17. Or if you want more variety, a ~cosmic lights~ highlighting palette packed with six luminous shades that are totally out of this world.

    18. A kawaii AF origami paper book for a soothing hands-on activity that'd pair perfectly with a cup of tea and soft tunes.

    19. Fucking adorable cat shot glasses that make throwing back tequila a little more bearable.

    20. A cloud-like, ventilated memory foam pillow to keep you cool and comfy during the night AND pain-free upon waking up.

    21. An ankle-length flared skirt especially designed with your penchant for twirling in mind.

    22. A chic floral wallet that packs a punch or β€” if you want to get more specific β€” 12 cards, a hefty hunk of cash, and maybe even a checkbook (really???).

    23. A mini cactus light for a ~prick~ of quirkiness. Accent decor that looks totally ~sharp~. A lamp that doesn't succ...ulent. (My pun supply is desert dry now!)

    24. Skin-issue-specific clay masks that last for about five much-needed TLC sessions (or more, if you're a little thrifty πŸ˜‰).

    25. Glittery string lights for party (or just chilling-at-home) decor that embody the "we got ears; say cheers!" spirit.

    26. An exceedingly soft Hello Kitty rug that also totally works as a blanket or tapestry-like wall decor, depending on your level of attachment to it.

    27. A weatherproof spiral notepad to jot down some pensive thoughts that spring up in the rain or during a long shower.

    "Dear diary, "I spent a lot of money today but..."

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    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.