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    27 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

    You'll need just a few dollar bills for these ~cheap thrills~. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

    1. A Moviepass subscription so you can watch all the movies you want for a low monthly fee and just...take a break from reality.

    2. A David Olenick 2018 calendar that brings cute animals and inanimate objects to life with witty and relatable sayings (and in the case of June, very solid advice) to make this year less of a disaster.

    3. BuzzFeed's Social Sabotage, a stomach-splitting game not for the faint of (internet) heart — be ready to post some weird shit on all of your social media accounts without any context whatsoever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. A cute twistable ~nail essence~ brush to help nourish your parched, cracked nails and cuticles from the ravages of gel manicures and the like.

    5. An Urban Decay dupe eyeshadow palette with 20 buttery shades that range from subtle to dark and dramatic — basically enough to keep you occupied for hours just mixing and layering away.

    6. An elegant five-piece ceramic sake set for many, many end-of-the-week (or day!) toasts — Kanpai (cheers)!

    7. A pocket-sized massage in the form of a spiky little ball to relieve all the oozing tension and pain in your heels and muscles.

    8. Gorgeous undies that will make you feel like the rockstar you are (and extend laundry day by a mile...but you didn't hear that from me).

    9. An endearing illustrated book for anyone who doesn't have the energy to burn through a 300-page novel, is currently going through an eggsistential crisis, or just loves this chubby yolk to no end.

    10. Or a gaggle of Gudetama socks to keep your piggies at an optimally toasty temperature.

    11. Classic faux suede over-the-knee boots that strike the perfect balance of sexiness and comfort. Plus, they have ties at the top to help prevent them from falling down past the knee.

    12. A sextet of mini nude lippies for a soft pout that's perfect for your everyday prowling.

    13. Individual wet wipes that help you avoid a case of terribly unflattering wine-stained teeth when you let yourself go wine-happy.

    14. An oversized plaid blanket scarf ready to envelop you in total warmth and coziness — who needs a S.O., tbh?

    15. Vitamin C infused sheet masks that gives your skin a major brightening boost in just 15-20 minutes — and a very valid excuse to cancel plans and call it a night.

    16. A quirky subscription box filled with — you guessed it! — three quirky accessories: a pair of socks, enamel pin, and a surprise item by only the coolest artists around.

    17. A prompt-driven doodling journal for a relaxing creative escape every day of the year.

    18. A soothing AF ice roller that works great as a migraine reliever, 3 pm wake-up call, or a morning hack to get rid of the puffiness from last night's McDonald's run.

    19. A beau-tea-ful subscription box packed with cute mini vials of incredibly unique, organic blends that fall under special monthly themes and an adorable reusable infuser (like a lil' strawberry!!).

    20. A Birchbox K-Beauty Favorites Box that all the cool, trend-driven chicas and fellas are snatching up — it includes six full/sample-sized beauty and skin care products loved for their innovative and fun concepts.

    21. Absolutely darling calligraphy-styled monogram plates with equally darling illustrations and phrases that ~expand upon~ and ~compliment~ the letter.

    22. Gorgeous stacked hoop earrings that give "playing hoops" a whole new meaning.

    23. Hilarious Rick and Morty memo stickers to remind yourself to always stay silly and organized. Also, unconfirmed, but I hear that if you press your ear down, you can hear the faintest "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!"

    24. A trio of delicious-smelling hand creams that will tide your dry hands over until spring.

    25. A patent baby pink wristlet that's not afraid to serve some major lip — you've been warned!

    26. Coated copper lights with a six-hour timer that have earned a stamp of approval from a panel of extremely meticulous hedgehogs.

    27. An actually adorable mini deep fryer to make every day feel like a ~fry~ day.


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    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.