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Updated on Dec 18, 2019. Posted on Dec 18, 2019

Blackpink Only Has 15 Songs, But I Bet You Can't Name More Than Five

Don't sweat it. You can count them on two-and-a-half hands!!

Since there have been recent fan protests towards YG Entertainment about Blackpink — specifically, their rather small discography and lack of new releases/promotions — I thought, what better than to make a quiz that proves the fans are right!

And to discern the ~real~ Blinks from casual fans. 😉

Yes, that's right. Blackpink has just 13 original songs, but lucky you, collaborations and solos count in this quiz — so that brings us to a grand total of 15 songs.

(It's worth noting that YG Entertainment responded to the protests with a letter, stating that Blackpink is working on an album to be released in "early 2020." Please let it be a full album, PLEASE.)

Ok, enough of the intro. Go!!!

Did you make it? Let us know what your favorite Blackpink song is in the comments below, or tweet at us @BuzzFeedDaebak!