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28 Ways To Make Desserts That Are Prettier Than You

Don't be jealous...you get to eat them.

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1. Let your inner stargazer run free and paint constellations and astrological signs onto a black cake with a secret ~galaxy swirl~ interior.

Heather Baird / Via sprinklebakes.com

Recipe from Sprinkle Bakes here. Check out her recipe for a black velvet nebula cake too!

Special ingredients/materials needed:

-Black Decorator Preferred fondant

-Size 0 or 1 round-tipped brush

-White gel food coloring

-Stiff bristle brush (for flickering on the white speckles, aka "stars")

-Blue, green, and neon purple food coloring (or whatever combination of colors you prefer)

5. Drizzle homemade lavender glaze over some blackberry white chocolate scones, and then garnish with more blackberries and lavender flowers for an instant Instagram sensation.

6. Dress up your cake with an assortment of fresh, delicate, and edible flowers for a truly nature-inspired gem.

Max Wanger / Via designlovefest.com

Tutorial from Design Love Fest here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Edible flowers (buy organic ones, since flowers usually aren't grown to be consumed, and be sure to read up on what flowers are actually edible, like carnations and violets).

-Alternatively, you can buy flower cake toppers like these and these.

8. Use varying amounts of food coloring drops and a tiny spatula to create a stunning ombré petal cake.

Erin Holland / Via asubtlerevelry.com

Tutorial from A Subtle Revelry here.

Special materials needed:

-Pastry bags filled with each color/shade, attached with #12 tips

-Small spatula (or the back of a metal spoon for spread the frosting out to create the depth of the petals)

9. Lend yourself to the galaxy dessert hype and make colored glaze that's basically a work of (intergalactic) art.

10. Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and splatter-paint the top of a chocolate chili cake with brightly colored frosting.

Molly Yeh / Via mynameisyeh.com

Recipe from My Name Is Yeh here.

Special ingredients needed (for the splatter paint):

-Gel food coloring

-Water, booze, and milk + powdered sugar for each color

11. Pull out your kitchen torch and toast some marshmallow topping for a beautiful, finishing flourish to your s'mores tarts.

Kristin Rosenau / Via pastryaffair.com

Recipe from Pastry Affair here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Pastry bag or offset spatula (to pipe or spread the marshmallow topping)

-Kitchen torch (or a full-sized blowtorch for more control over toasting the topping)

12. Envelop a three-tier cake with a fluffy blanket of pink cotton candy for a fanciful, day-at-the-state-fair touch.

Heather Baird / Via sprinklebakes.com

Get the recipe from Sprinkle Bakes here.

Special ingredients/materials needed:

-Pink vanilla cotton candy (wait to apply right before serving to avoid a wilted presentation)

-Edible heart sequins like these or these

13. Grill up a batch of glazed brioche doughnuts and stuff them with whipped ricotta cream and fresh strawberries for a mouthwatering dessert sandwich.

Tieghan Gerard / Via halfbakedharvest.com

Recipe from Half Baked Harvest here.

Special materials needed:

-A grill (duh — a mini one might suffice for small batches)

14. Paint some nontoxic leaves with melted chocolate and matcha powder for a unique cake garnish.

Nik Sharma / Via abrowntable.com

Recipe from A Brown Table here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Matcha powder

-Snow sugar (tutorial from Food52 here)

15. Swirl around a bunch of wild blueberries in a vegan lavender and coconut ice cream concoction for your viewing (and eating) pleasure.

17. Take your poppy-seed cake to the next level by adding layers of passion fruit curd and drizzling passion fruit glaze all over and around.

18. Upgrade your fruity popsicles by combining seven different smoothie blends for one magnificent rainbow color scheme.

Beth Baumgartner / Via thefirstyearblog.com

Get the recipe from The First Year here.

Special materials needed:

-A standard popsicle mold (or a swirly mold for extra oomph)

19. Use a sugar sheet and food coloring to paint ombré mosaic tiles for 360 degrees of edible geometry.

Lexy Ward / Via theproperblog.com

Get the tutorial from The Proper Blog here.

Special ingredients/materials needed:

-Sugar sheet

-Food coloring

-Small paintbrush

-Rotary cutting set (if you want to be very precise, otherwise you could probably just use clean scissors)

20. Save yourself the trouble of actually baking and make these mini heart-shaped strawberry cheesecakes topped with a layer of jelly, white pearls, and green chocolate melts shaped to look like leaves.

Recipe by Vickie Liu for Brit + Co here.

Special ingredients/materials needed:

-Silicone heart mold pan

-Mini white sugar pearls

-Strawberry jelly

-Green chocolate melts

-Matcha powder

21. Sprinkle a shit ton of edible gold glitter on your cake (and coat your raspberries with it too) for a magical, regal effect.

Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park / Via spoonforkbacon.com

Recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Rose water syrup (or any flavored oil of your choice)

-Lots of gold luster dust

22. Deck out your panna cotta with a blackberry, pistachio, and white chocolate garnish for an elegant presentation.

Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park / Via spoonforkbacon.com

Get the recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Crème fraîche

-Gelatin sheets (or powdered gelatin)

-Blackberries, crushed pistachios, and white chocolate crispy balls (for the garnish)

24. Top off a double chocolate peanut butter layer cake with giant piles of caramel popcorn for no-effort decorations (and yumminess).

Izy Hossack / Via topwithcinnamon.com

Recipe from Top With Cinnamon here.

Special ingredients needed:

-Store-bought caramel popcorn (or, if you're feeling ambitious, you can make your own)

26. Combine the magic of rainbow sprinkles with a massive skillet cookie for a treat your kindergarten self would be in awe of.

27. Switch up ordinary churros for lava cakes filled with dark chocolate ganache and coated with sugar/butter/cinnamon for heightened decadence.

Karina Carrel / Via cafedelites.com

Recipe from Cafe Delites here. These dulce de leche churro empanadas also look amazing, just sayin'.

28. Cover every inch of your base with icing stars for a cake that looks like it came straight out of The Little Mermaid.

Kacey Joanette / Via thecookiewriter.com

Slightly time-consuming, but damn, that ~ocean of stars~ can't be beat.

Tutorial from The Cookie Writer here.

Special ingredients/materials needed:

-Piping bags with #21 open star decorating tips (one of each for every color)

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