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    BTS's Official "On" Music Video Is Already Breaking Records, So Here's What You Need To Know

    *screams in ARMY*

    THE DAY IS HERE...AGAIN! Last Friday, BTS broke the internet with the release of their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7 and the ~kinetic manifesto film~ for their lead single, "On." But now ARMYs can watch the SECOND music video, and it's honestly a cinematic masterpiece.

    Big Hit Entertainment

    I foresee an Oscar nomination. Don't let me down.

    Since RM has been talking a lot about fate, shadow and light, paths, and "admitting destinies" in the interviews leading up to the release, seeing the music video now makes a lot of sense. But there's still such a massive element of surprise and wonder! That's the magic of BTS.

    Of course, we had to round up the best moments from the rather secretive (but now-explosive) release:

    1. First off, there are SO MANY references! Starting with...Noah's Ark!

    Big Hit Entertainment

    2. Bird Box!

    Big Hit Entertainment

    3. The Lion King! Pride Rock, what's good?

    Big Hit Entertainment

    4. In fact, at the very end of the music video, you can see all the members walking/running up the rock, which makes me think of the whole ~circle of life~ concept:

    Big Hit Entertainment

    5. And, of course, Maze Runner!

    Big Hit Entertainment

    6. P.S. This one's more open to interpretation, but I totally thought of Mulan when I saw the opening scene:

    Big Hit Entertainment, Disney

    Why? I'm Asian, Mulan is always on my mind, the live-action film is coming out this year (!!!), and I don't know other action-fantasy TV shows or movies very well. *shrug*

    7. I'd just like to appreciate Jungkook's perfect berry lip tint for a moment, TY:

    Big Hit Entertainment

    8. And Jungkook's tattoos/arms/everything about this scene:

    Big Hit Entertainment

    9. And it's not a BTS music video without some ~parallels~. The cover art for BTS's "Make It Right" remix ft. Lauv looks awfully similar to this scene...

    Big Hit Entertainment

    V's solo track on Map of the Soul: 7, "Inner Child," also has lyrics that go:

    "Tonight, if I reach my hand to yours / Can you hold that hand? / I'll become you / You just have to look at my galaxies." 👫✨

    And this scene too...

    Big Hit Entertainment

    V takes off the girl's blindfold because she's been unknowingly standing in front of the wall that leads, presumably, to freedom.

    Of course, smart ARMYs have left no detail undiscovered:

    10. Like, I totally missed this moment, but HAHAHA:

    jungkook and yoongi: yall are gonna die... namjoon: OF FUN!! #ONMusicVideo #ONVIDEOPARTY

    @meanyoongi / Via Twitter: @meanyoongi0309

    11. But I *did* notice Jungkook's ~running~ theme throughout many music videos/eras (and what a pleasing three-tier GIF!):


    @seokjinmylabsss / Via Twitter: @seokjinmylabsss

    In the bridge of his solo track, "My Time," Jungkook sings: "Sometimes when I'm gasping for air / I wear my hat low and keep running / Yeah, I don’t gotta know where I go / Even if it’s opposite of sun." The continuity in words and visuals is astounding, y'all!

    12. OMG, I remember this Hawaii clip but didn't think to connect the two:

    As I kept watching #ONMusicVideo I was trying to recall some scenes then I remember when they're in Hawaii & amazed at the guy blowing the conch like LOTR movie, ff to 2020 there we have Jungkook blowing a conch in their own MOVIE 😭🐚 #ONMusicVideo #BringItON @BTS_twt

    @cestlavie9090 / Via Twitter: @cestlavie9090

    The Big Hit creative staff better be getting promotions all the time for these hidden gems. You ~hear me~?

    13. Actor Jin does it again! He time travelled all the way from "Fake Love":

    Jin did not magically make that bird revive. He went back in time.See how surprised he was and looked out when he saw the cage move Those people behind them were the people who were dead at the beginning of the MV.He went back in time and saved everyone! #BringItON #ONMusicVideo

    @leys_ash / Via Twitter: @leys_ash

    14. Just four shots of Jimin's epic dance breakdown, that's the tweet:

    because you can never get enough of jimin. #BringItON #ONMusicVideo @BTS_twt

    @perfectlyjimin / Via Twitter: @perfectlyjimin

    15. Hello, Captain V Sparrow:


    @amourkoos / Via Twitter: @amourkoos

    16. The executive producer, Nathan Scherrer, is high-key a big deal:

    Grammy Award winning and nominated Nathan Scherrer was the Executive Producer for #ONMusicVideo @BTS_twt

    @JJKBTS14 / Via Twitter: @JJKBTS14

    He's produced videos for The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Ariana Grande, and he won a Grammy for Beyoncé's "Formation."

    17. The music video closes with this shot. Just like "On" is a play on words for their second single (back in 2013), "N.O," they're teasing a shift from their debut song, "No More Dream" to "Dream."

    Big Hit Entertainment

    Because, all these years later, they're fulfilling their dreams. And, tbh, they dare to dream even bigger! I'm definitely not sobbing.

    You can watch the full "On" music video in all its gloriousness here:

    View this video on YouTube

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    According to a Big Hit press release, the world records BTS set for 2019's "Boy With Luv" (ft. Halsey) were: 10 million views in two hours and 52 minutes, and 74.6 million views in the first 24 hours.

    WELL, ARMY is already killing it because we already beat the 10 million views record in just 65 MINUTES!

    In conclusion, we love you, BTS!

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