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Here Are All Of BTS's Cutest Moments From The Grammys

"Dream come true."

1. First off, I could just bathe in the beauty of Jimin, V, and RM's hair for eternity.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Everyone's hair looks amazing and perfectly swept across their foreheads (or pushed back, in RM's case), but OMG that mint, lavender, and smoky gray are to die for.

Also, Jin's cocked expression is too good.

2. I mean, look how good they look in the crowd! You can spot 'em from a mile away. 😍

Recording Academy / Grammys / Giphy / Via

3. They also proudly repped their home country by wearing custom tuxedos from two Korean designers, Jaybaek Couture and Kim Seo Ryong, even though they could've easily (and have in the past) worn American designer brands.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

They even met Kim Jones the other day, the Dior designer who whipped up their outfits for MAMA 2018 in Japan.

4. RM struck this extremely adorable pose on the red carpet, slightly detouring from his otherwise very composed aura.

Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Get you a leader who can do both.

(Oh, and J-Hope, are you ok?)

5. J-Hope had his eye on the mic, grabbed it, said "Dream come true," and looked really proud of himself.

E! Entertainment

6. Jungkook then flexed his English skills with a heartwarming shoutout to ARMYs all around the world.

E! Entertainment

The full exchange goes as follows:

Ryan: "How much do you appreciate the fact that [your fans] follow you, no matter what language, what country, all over the world?"

Jungkook [in Korean]: "The fans? Us?"

RM [in Korean]: "You can say what you prepared earlier!"

Jungkook: "It's a blessing we can get so much love for doing what we love to do. We are so thankful."

7. Jimin thanked ARMYs by saying, "You made us today. I love you."

Entertainment Tonight

That giggle at the end = I'm dead. And then RM followed up with "they gave the wings" and I died again.

8. Jungkook apologized after all the boys outed him as the member who's always running late and blamed "the elevator."

E! Entertainment

This doesn't come as a surprise to me, tbh — but might want to work on your excuses Jungkook, lolol.

9. This whole Glambot slo-mo moment. I love that J-Hope kept his hand heart going, while the other boys unleashed their superpowers (Jin wins for most passionate) and V, well, showed a different side of himself.

E! Entertainment

10. Jungkook was caught on camera excitedly singing along to "Jolene" — we stan a country fan.


Twitter: @jikookheart

11. V was the only person in his area standing during Cardi B's performance, which is the cutest thing I've ever seen??


Twitter: @seraphicjmn

*squints* BardiGang, is that you?

12. Suga tweeted one of his classic close-up selfies, but from his Grammys seat! We love continuity.

Twitter: @BTS_twt

13. RM started off their presentation by saying they've always dreamed of standing on the Grammys stage, but the best part was his confident and assured, "And we'll be back."

Recording Academy / CBS

Now that they've performed at the AMAs and BBMAs, Grammys are definitely next, right? Where's the fast forward button?

14. On the red carpet, V told Entertainment Tonight that he wanted to meet H.E.R., and then flash forward a few hours and he presented her with the Grammy for Best R&B Album!

Recording Academy / CBS

Legends honoring legends!

15. Also during their Entertainment Tonight interview, BTS said they had post-Grammys plans to meet their fans through V Live, which is a popular app K-pop stars use to record live broadcasts about literally anything.

i can’t believe these clowns just made vlive crash while I was midway climbing on the table to find one bar of wifi cause I thought it was just me and my disgusting internet #btstearitup

Twitter: @taephyungs

Well, they did, but the VLive was so highly anticipated that they actually crashed the app — I think they took the hashtag #TearItUpBTS too literally??

16. But at least we got this weird sound effect from Jin! Maybe it has something to do with his superpower?


Twitter: @incorrect_1997

Suga was ready to jump the heck in!

So even though their album, Love Yourself: Tear didn't win for Best Recording Package, they've won our hearts.

Recording Academy / Grammys / Giphy

*finger hearts*