Blackpink Is The First Female Korean Act To Play At Coachella And Fans Are Losing It

    "The locals have no idea what's coming."

    Blackpink. If you didn't already know who they are, you're about to — the dynamic K-pop girl group housed under music giant YG Entertainment is making history as the 👏 first female Korean act 👏 to perform at Coachella!

    The announcement soon became a Twitter Moment, as fans — known endearingly as Blinks — had been basking in the revelation (or revolution? 😉) for hours before.

    BLACKPINK will perform at Coachella in April, becoming the first K-pop girl group to do so.

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    Fans who have never considered going to Coachella are already mentally planning their trips.

    UMMM AM I REALLY CONSIDERING GOING TO COACHELLA RN OR DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME? No no they don’t, that is Blackpink on the lineup. Okay. WELP. Time to go to Coachella I guess.

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    Me too, TBH.

    It's a HUGE deal, especially for those who've known about and enjoyed K-pop's influence for a long time.

    I've loved K-pop since the 90s. I've pushed for it in my content. I've had countless chats with music insiders about its Western breakthrough, which has been happening the past few years. BLACKPINK playing Coachella is hugely significant. The locals have no idea what's coming. 🇰🇷

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    Here's to hoping there are less "firsts" and more consistent Asian representation in mainstream American culture!

    Blackpink will be the first K-pop girl band to perform at Coachella. Always great to see any type of Asian representation in mainstream American art and culture as it is so exceedingly rare. Let’s break more stereotypes and preconceptions in 2019.

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    Dare I say, to the point where it's not surprising and/or newsworthy anymore.

    Blackpink's not the only Asian act taking the stage — Korean alternative rock band Hyukoh and J-pop girl group Perfume (they're the first J-pop group to perform!) will be performing on both Sundays. Yaaaaaas, let's keep the momentum going!

    If you want to get familiar with their music, I'd suggest starting with their 2018 banger, "Ddu-du Ddu-du," which beat BTS *and* Psy for most-watched Korean music video in 24 hours.

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    I also named this bop one of the best K-pop songs of 2018. I have a feeling they'll release new music before Coachella, but if they don't (or even if they do!), I'll bet they'll perform this.

    They also collaborated with Dua Lipa for "Kiss and Make Up" a few months ago, which includes both Korean and English parts.

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    When Blackpink said "Blackpink in your area," they really meant it! See y'all at Coachella!