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    18 Of The Best K-Pop Celeb Instagrams From This Week

    Bobby wishing B.I a happy birthday = me in tears.

    1. Bobby wished former (😭) iKON member and leader B.I a happy birthday with a v playful and v dancey recording of a "Love Scenario" performance.

    2. IU celebrated the four-year anniversary of her self-produced EP Chat-Shire. But it was pretty bittersweet β€” she shared a drawing that Sulli had given to her that eventually became the motif for her song "Red Queen*."

    3. Twice's Mina, who's been on break to address her anxiety disorder, made a surprise appearance onstage at Twice's fourth-anniversary "fanmeet" β€” and I cannot stress this enough β€” like an actual angel (sure, the costume, but she IS an angel too).

    4. Speaking of costumes, Twice's Dahyun showed us how Halloween is done, Genie style. I love the 1,000% commitment. She is an inspiration to us all.

    5. OK, one more, 'cause Twice's Jihyo is too cute in her Miguel (Γ  la Coco) costume.

    6. AOA's Jimin gave N.Flying's Seunghyub a good laugh with her parody rendition of the band's hit song "Rooftop."

    7. Ateez are back with their comeback bop, "Wonderland," and a fun challenge to go with it β€” in fact, they showed an example of the "Let's Go Challenge" that starts off super slick and quickly makes me go, "UWUWUWUWU."

    8. E'Dawn gave us a sneak peek of his highly anticipated comeback, which is set to be released the same day (Nov. 5) as Hyuna's (his girlfriend and P Nation labelmate). *heart eyes*

    9. Big Bang's T.O.P shared a meme-y video of himself as a unicorn farting rainbows?! Because he's T.O.P, y'all. Whatta guy.

    10. Ten (of NCT U, WayV, and Super M of now) snapped a few photos of himself and his adorable frenchie, and I died on the spot! End of story.

    11. Jay Park is currently on tour and spitting fire through his vast discography, including the song "FSU" β€” which stands for "Fuck shit up," not the university. Just for clarification.

    12. NCT's Jaehyun and Monsta X's Minhyuk showed off their Inkigayo MC status with a cute selfie.

    13. Tiffany Young gave us a preview of "Run for Your Life" while preparing for her upcoming Magnetic Moon Tour, which is sure to be as fiery and full of magic as she is.

    14. Pentagon's Yeo One gave us dewy ✨ glass ✨ skin ✨ goals with this series of photos β€” please swipe to the third photo and REVEL IN THE UP-CLOSE GLORY.

    15. Kard's Somin gave us a lesson in How to Style an Oversized Urban Outfitters Tee 101, and I'm here for it.

    16. Jimin made me suddenly crave a burger, but, like, actually in New York City β€” unless someone wants to fly me out to Seoul just so I can visit this restaurant (that's not in Brooklyn, lol)!

    17. (G)I-dle's Minnie posted a few behind-the-scenes photos of herself on the set of Wengie's "Empire," which she's featured in.

    18. And, finally, a wealth of celebs β€” including Tablo and Kang Hye-jung, Crush, Jinyoung, and Somi β€” posed in their Kaws x W Korea tees to rep Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    @blobyblo / Via, @crush9244 / Via, @jinyoung_0922jy / Via, @somsomi0309 / Via

    Dara, Soyou, Heize, Holland, Sungwoon, and Jessica are some of the other celebs I happened to see, though I'm sure there were many more. Woo-hoo!

    That's all for now! See ya next week!

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