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    Three K-Pop Groups Are Nominated For The 2019 BBMAs, And BTS Scores A New Category

    *waits for ARMYs, EXO-Ls, and iGOT7s to collectively break the Internet*

    You know BTS, right? Two-time winners of the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 and 2018? Well, SURPRISE, they're nominated again this year!

    Broadway Video / NBC / Via

    Ok, maybe not a surprise, but we'll dance to it anyways!

    And, in recognition of their continued rise and success, they're also nominated for Top Duo/Group, making them the first Korean act to be listed in that category.

    #BBMAs Top Duo/Group: 🔹 @BTS_twt 🔹 @DanAndShay 🔹 @Imaginedragons 🔹 @maroon5 🔹 @PanicAtTheDisco

    Twitter: @BBMAs

    That's a pretty stacked list, but as you know *looks at Twitter or literally anywhere else on the Internet* their fandom, ARMY, never messes around.

    BUT!!! And a big but it is — they're not the only K-pop artist nominated this year. You read that right: EXO and GOT7 are also up for Top Social Artist!

    #BBMAs Top Social Artist: 🔹 @BTS_twt 🔹 @weareoneEXO 🔹 @GOT7Official 🔹 @ArianaGrande 🔹 @Louis_Tomlinson

    Twitter: @BBMAs

    Let's repeat that for good measure...


    SM Entertainment / Via


    JYP Entertainment / Via

    I, like many fans, am super happy that K-pop groups are gaining award nominations across the globe, because heaven knows they've racked up tons in Asia alone.

    You see all that talent - BTS, EXO and GOT7 are immensely powerful and BBMAs better be ready!! 🤩🤩🤩

    Twitter: @MinYoongiZyx

    So let's support all of our boys, because their talents shine bright individually *and* all together representing the diverse world of K-pop!

    Me trying to block out the fanwars and just being proud of BTS, EXO and GOT7 for being nominated for a BBMA

    Twitter: @lxstinthemoment

    Also, legends stan legends!

    Voting hasn't begun yet, but stay tuned to the BBMAs website!

    Mnet / Via, KBS

    P.S. @Billboard, please put photos for EXO and GOT7 like you do for all of the other nominees — that should really go without saying!! Ok, bye!