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32 Impossibly Adorable Purses Shaped Like Animals

And best yet, no poop involved.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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1. This stegosaurus clutch.

If dinosaurs still existed they'd eat me up... so I think this is a much better alternative.

Buy it from Forever 21 for $66.

2. This tiny bunny.

With a cute pom-pom tail that just won't quit. 🐰

Get it from Amazon for $28.93.

3. This totally kawaii tiger.

Maybe I'll keep those pennies around after all...

Get this coin purse from Hot Topic for $8.40.

4. This Snoopy covered with his own colorful comics.

A pal who always has your back (literally). And when you're bored on the subway...

Buy from Shopbop for $98.

5. This wee Star Wars Ewok crossbody.

Teddy bear, yay or nay?

Get it from Amazon for $40.95.

6. This cute canine who'll never leave your side.

The most well-behaved pup ever.

Get this rubbery pal from Firebox for $14.39.

7. This fierce shark tote.

No one's gonna want to mess with you. 😈💪

Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

8. This darling panda.

So happy to meet you that it's blushing. ☺️

Get it from Amazon for $29.47.

9. This very unique origami whale.

You'll have a *whale of a time* with this fella.

Get it from Kate Spade for $208.

10. This little piggy that will go to the market with you.

Or stay home with you and eat whatever's left in the pantry.

Buy this adventurous oinker from Lord & Taylor for $58.

11. This crazy realistic-looking tiger.

Scare your enemies away. 🙀

Get it here from Paperchase for $90.

12. This baby blue fish.

Major Dory vibes coming your way.

Get it from Marewo on Etsy for $39.

13. This Hedwig doppleganger.

This cute lil' guy is such a *hoot.*

Buy from Amazon for 24.99.

14. This unicorn with a rad pink mane.

For all you real-life, motherf*cking unicorns out there...a purse worthy of your greatness.

Buy this crossbody bag from Nasty Gal for $48.

15. This polka-dotted fox.

Stitched with love from Down Under (Perth, Australia, to be precise).

Get it from MihotchStitch on Etsy for $36.

16. This flamingo who's ready to have some fun.

Buy it from Asos for $54.22.

17. This sloth that's just hanging around.

Woke up from its slumber just for you. 💤

Get it from Fossil for $248.

18. This pretty Hello Kitty that's ~out of this world.~

What a fashionista with her galaxy bow. 🌌

Get it from Amazon for $31.44.

19. This precious baby deer.

No doubt one of Snow White's many critter friends. #forestvibes

Buy it from Amazon for $19.99.

20. This Westie pup whose tail is wagging so hard.

You just can't see it. But trust me, he's so excited to see you! 😆

Get this pup from P!Q for $68.

21. This magnificently metallic hedgehog.

✨ *immediately becomes distracted by shininess* ✨

Buy it from Amazon for $19.94.

22. This rubber hen purse (lol).

So spacious, so cluckin' awesome. Nothing *fowl* about this purse!

Buy it from Amazon for $22.93.

23. This adorable origami dalmatian.

Can't handle all these stripes.

Buy it from Kate Spade for $298.

24. This pug sticking its tiny tongue out.

#tongueouttuesday #weeklyfluff #instagramworthy

Get it from Modcloth for $27.99.

25. This little monkey who will happily store all your coins.

Did you know that since it's the Year of the Monkey, owning anything monkey-related means you get unlimited good luck? It's a thing.

Get it from Forever 21 for $4.90.

26. This purr-fectly content cat made of vinyl.

Also comes in red and gold colors.

Buy it from Amazon for $24.96.

27. This piggy who is clearly very loved.

Much soft, so leather, many kisses.

Get it from Borboleta Affair for $170.

28. This classy lady bear by day...

And badass pirate by night.

Get her from Amazon for $30.78.

29. This pretty kitty.

Experiment: Dangle purse in front of friend's cat. See how it reacts.

Get this sequined beauty from Modcloth for $31.99.

30. This koala who's happily munching on some greenery.

Only the highest koala-ty eucalyptus leaves will do.

Get this koala from Amazon for $34.99 (before he falls asleep).

31. This quilted Minnie Mouse crossbody.

Now someone get me the matching Mickey one. 👫

Get Minnie from Hot Topic for $39.60.

32. This stylish ladybug covered in hearts.

What a ~lovebug.~ 😍

Buy it from Amazon for $48.