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Three Asian Models Are On The Cover Of Allure And My Feels Are Everywhere

"In 327 issues, over 28 years, there had only been two Asian women on the cover."

In case you weren't aware, Allure Magazine is helmed by the fierce, gorgeous, and diversity-driven Michelle Lee.

In her editor's letter, Michelle gets extremely real about the stark lack of Asian representation on Allure covers and how this badass trio marks a personal milestone.

So, without further ado, here are the three covers for the inaugural Hair Guide issue in all their windswept glory and the stunnas who are redefining what it means to be Asian and beautiful:

You might want to take a seat, tbh.

Fernanda Ly, instantly recognizable by her signature cotton candy pink hair and her show-stealing international fashion runway appearances.

SooJoo Park, a platinum talent who went from working in graphic design to stealing the spotlight at runway shows, partnering with Chanel, and further proving that it's never too late to shine.

Fei Fei Sun, who was the first Chinese woman to appear on the covers of American, Italian, and Japanese Vogue.

Someone hand me a fan, because I swear someone has turned up the office temperature. 😓

These covers really go to show Allure's push for inclusivity at every turn, from spotlighting monolid eye makeup, a sans-laid-edges Kerry Washington, pushing out the term "anti-aging," and talking about why non-brows are beautiful.

As Michelle puts it (with much poise), "Maybe you don’t personally have kinky, curly hair, or monolid eyes, or stick to halal products. But there’s something we can all learn about each other through the lens of beauty. I’m not a septuagenarian*, but I had a lot to take in from our September 2017 cover story with Helen Mirren."

For anyone like Michelle (and all Asians everywhere) whose "preteen self couldn’t even fathom seeing an Asian face on the cover of a mainstream magazine or leading a TV show or headlining a movie," this is a BIG DEAL.

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