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    Proof That A Bad Relationship Is Just Like Dial-Up Internet

    Um, I don't think this romantic union loaded properly.

    You like them. They like you. Enough is enough. You're ready for a real relationship.

    Instead of being this..

    .. you want to be this.

    Before you know it, you're totally connected.

    The honeymoon phase is unbelievably easy.

    Everything is interesting and great. There is SO much to talk about. Interests! Travel! News!

    They are thoughtful and attentive. What you have is special.

    At this very moment, things couldn't be going any better.

    But after a while, you start feeling like something's missing between you two.

    Maybe you feel this way because they have a newfound interest in ultimatums.

    Or maybe it's because of the wandering eye they have developed.

    Regardless of the 5 W's, their voice eventually begins to sound like a variation of this:

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    "If you want this, US, to work, I need you to get off the phone and only pay attention to me. Eeeeeeoohhhhdeeoohdeeohhdoooshhhhhhhhh."

    The signs are clear that the relationship is on its last legs.

    So instead of pretending any longer, you acknowledge the harsh reality.

    This change in your life may turn your world upside down for a while.

    But don't worry. There will be other relationships in your future. You just have to kiss a lot of frogs to Wi-Find your perfect match.