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Kanye West's Guide To Parenting

He's watchin' his kid crawlin' on tha flooooor.

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1. Demonstrating what should not happen until his child is an adult:

2. REALLY getting into that demonstration:

3. Teaching his child what symbol to hold up if they ever lose each other in a crowded area:

4. Revealing to his child that there is a possibility that he is a distant relative of Bill Cosby:

5. Desperately attempting to keep his cool after his child TPs him:

6. Trying to explain that he doesn't want his daughter growing up too fast:

7. Teaching her the art of humility:

8. Responding to his child's statement that Eminem is the best rapper OF ALL TIME:

9. Being the most embarrassing/coolest dad EVER on Halloween:

10. Reacting to a B+ on his daughter's history exam:

11. Responding to being called a "big meanie" for putting her in time out:

12. Giving his daughter her first allowance:

13. Teaching his child about the aspects of humanity:

14. Answering his child's request to borrow his Horus chain:

15. Responding to the question of "What is mom famous for?"

16. In summary, this is how he feels about the fact that a miniature version of himself now exists:

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