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11 Zany Things That Walking Dead Characters Could Do Instead Of Engaging In All-Out War

Could do them? Yes. Would do them? Ehhhhhhhh.

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1. They could play Truth or Dare.

You already know what Milton would dare Hershel to do.

2. They could have a themed party.

"Look, I don't know if any of you would be into this idea.. but.. how about we make it a pirate theme?"

3. Andrea could try to give a seminar on how to get good looking, insane men to have relations with you.

"Wowwww. You clearly did not listen to me because you are holding the strap on your messenger bag ALL wrong. See if YOU ever get a man!"

4. Daryl could add more ears to his necklace.

"4 just ain't enuf. Naw."

5. Carl could continue to quietly long for Beth while lurking in the shadows.

As he watches Beth stroll through the prison, he thinks, 'Gurl, u r soooo fine -n- kewl -n- HOT!' *Smirks*

6. Milton could DJ a sick party with all of those records he was using for his experiments.

The Governor: "What about remixes? Think you could learn to scratch records?" Milton: *Confidently raises eyebrows*

7. They could have three-legged races and have Beth signify when to start.

Hershel obviously would not have a leg up on these competitions.

8. Rick could continue chillin' with Lori's ghost.

"No. Wait. You're not real! Wait. No. You're not real!" *Grabs air and caresses it*

9. Daryl could attempt to bring back 90s catchphrases.

Next on his list are phat and as if.

10. Rick could start playing a new game with Carl called "Son, I need to have my hat back."

This would most likely become Carl's least favorite game.

11. The Governor could genuienly welcome them to Woodbury.

Come on in. There are not any head aquariums here and I do not want to murder you.

But, let's get real, this is probably closer to what will actually happen on the season finale.

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