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21 Expectations Old Hollywood Movies Gave You About Adulthood

We can't all be Cary Grant.

1. There would be lots of drinking.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. Lots.

Warner Bros / Via

3. But you would always look classy and perfectly put together, even when downing your fifth martini.

RKO Radio Pictures / Turner Classic Movies / Via

4. There would also be lots of smoking.

Warner Bros / Via

5. But it would be sexy.

RKO Radio Pictures / Via

6. And it most definitely would be a come-on.

MGM / Via

7. You would host dinner parties and you ~may~ even solve a murder between courses.

8. Or at least get delightfully wasted.

9. Your fashion sense would bring the party to a halt.

10. Your impulsive haircut would be perfect and instantly iconic.

Paramount Pictures /
Paramount Pictures /

11. Your dancing would be flawless.

Paramount Pictures / Via

12. You would be the Ginger Rogers to your own Fred Astaire.

RKO Radio Pictures / Via

13. Or the Gene Kelly to your own Cyd Charisse.

14. Actually, life would be just one long dance sequence.

15. You would have casual affairs.

Warner Bros / Via

16. Some on cross-country train rides.

MGM / Via

17. And others would completely change your life.

20th Century Fox / Via

18. Cary Grant would be within your reach, essentially.

RKO Radio Pictures / Via

19. Everyday would be an adventure.

Columbia Pictures / Via

20. And a hare-brained scheme would be just a car ride away.

RKO Radio Pictures / Via thomasdestry

21. Overall, life would be pretty grand.

MGM / Via

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