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26 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Hong Kong Will Understand

Nostalgia beyond Waterworld.

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14. You remember when the Science Museum was brand new.

Flickr: tangdersons / Creative Commons

The Enormous Rube Goldberg machine! The chicks hatching! The optical illusion tunnel! The bubble area! The driving simulator! The mock news station with the green screen! The big pyramid of food! The bed of nails! The shadow-catching room! The giant hamster wheel! The magnetic iron filings! The soundproof tunnel of screams!

16. $100 in a laisee packet was a TON of money.

And yet somehow your lucky money hasn't increased in line with inflation. What's up with that?


17. Foreigner's "Waiting for a Girl Like You" is forever linked in your mind with Blue Girl Beer.

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"I've been waiiiiitiiiing for a giiiiirl like you..."


22. Your social currency was measured by your ability to get your hands on toiletries that weren't available in Hong Kong.

23. You went drinking in Jousters, Parkinson’s, Bonkers, Mad Dogs, Hardees II, Bahama Mama’s, Boom, L.A. Cafe, or Kangaroo.