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    • sarahe42

      I went to school with one of the stars of this video. The white guy with the beard, his name is William….Idon’t think you know tears till you see someone you grew up with, become an adult and come out. Knowing that all the hatred they got in school wasn’t because they were “weird” it was because they didn’t know how to haveavoice and just simply be proud of who they were….. The rest of us not knowing wtf was wrong with them, until we became adults. Since kids are so cruel (based on what society teaches them) young kids were to afraid to come out when we were in school, so acting different somehow made them weird, which is so F’n wrong, andIam ashamed to sayIdid the same thing…. I’m just so damn proud of him for helping Washington becomeastate that doesn’t judge you for your sexual preference but who you are as people…Proud to be from here! Proud to know the star in the video, and even more proud that we voted the right way….now it’s just time we get the rest of our country to see the right way too, who many obviously still have closed minds or this song wouldn’t have even needed to be created! Great job William for fightingaVERY IMPORTANT FIGHT! Very proud to call you my friend! <3

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