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We Need To Talk About Disney's "Model Behavior"

Maggie Lawson does double duty in this instant classic, which also starred Justin Timberlake and Kathie Lee Gifford.

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Before Justin Timberlake began his "very serious" acting career, he was in a little movie called "Model Behavior" that forever changed the world as we know it.


There’s also this super rude guy who asks our heroine to get outta his way in the first two minutes and then we’re supposed to root for him as the love interest to our other heroine.


So, let's dive in! Janine Adams just wants to eat fried dumplings and have a normal life. High School student Alex Burroughs wants to quit being invisible/go to fashion school.


"All that stuff about you and me turning that island shoot into our own personal 'Blue Lagoon' that was totally my publicist talking." A line of dialogue that JT had to memorize.


So Janine is all "You're hot for a high schooler and I appreciate that you're a teen movie jock stereotype I can see right through. Ask me out, commoner!"


So, this part is sort of inconsequential, but the random paparazzi banter is really topnotch (pictured above). Anyway, no one wants to take a picture of Janine as Alex and these lovers can't get a table.

Alex tries to come clean, but instead just puts her hair up confusing both JT and Eric in the process. JT thinks Janine is cheating. Eric thinks Alex is cheating. It's a mess.

So even though Janine got Alex grounded, she uses it to her advantage and decides to go to the dance instead. Whatevs they both end up at the dance anyway.

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