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    A Tribute To Tamra From "The Mindy Project"

    In a season that has been near perfection (Mindy and Cliff and Danny and everyone 4eva!), Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) continues to steal every scene she's in.

    Tamra came in singing her tasks in season 1 and ever since then she's been killing it on this show!

    Here's what we know about Tamra: She has one cousin, Sheana, who both won a jet ski on The Price is Right and looks like Danny.

    She is not a gossip and therefore is not worried that Dr. Reed hasn’t been on a date in weeks.

    She’s good at her job.

    She lives by the post office.

    She owes Dr. Paul Leotard (James Franco) a pretty big favor.

    She watches Downton Abbey.

    Unfortunately, even though she's amazing, she has a terrible boyfriend named Ray Ron. He's, for real, the worst.

    But, he might be right to not completely trust her.

    After all, she’s completely stunning.

    And she's incredibly self-confident.

    Basically, she knows what she wants.

    But the best thing about Tamra is how much she doesn’t care about Mindy.

    Like for real, she has no interest in Mindy’s life.

    Basically ditto for Danny.

    Except, she can give him a compliment every once in a while.

    In the end, while she might not be able to aim a tranquilizer gun…

    She’s still the one of the brightest parts of the office (and the show).

    And that's why we love her!