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16 Life Challenges Only People With Eczema Or Very Dry Skin Understand

I'm flaky and I like it.

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1. When you're with friends you spend 50% of the time talking about your eczema.


Your friends don't care. Until you find a friend who has eczema too, and suddenly, they are your soul mate. Can you even really be friends with normal people again?

2. You own several ointments that are extremely flammable.

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This means you are also extremely flammable! Extra points if anybody has ever discovered this and then chased you with a lit match...both funny and frightening.

5. You spend a disproportionate amount of your life standing naked doing nothing because you're waiting for whatever ointment you're using to sink in.


You can't really touch anything until it sinks in. Even if you try to walk you'll probably slip over on the pool of oil at your feet.

9. People like to recommend their miracle eczema cures that happened to work on their step-cousin's dog...


None of them work. Nothing works. You are flakier than a flaky French croissant and that is your destiny.

11. Packing to go on holiday is a nightmare. Surely NOBODY can survive on only 100ml of moisturiser for one week?!


Not to mention the fact liquid moisturiser makes your suitcase weigh about a million times as much as normal things so you have less space to pack your stylish outfits.

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