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You Assholes Love Pumpkin Spice So Much How About You Try The Real Thing

In which I force my colleagues to eat raw pumpkin.

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Look around you. Pumpkin is everywhere. It's omnipresent.

This. I hate #pumpkin. I can't even imagine. #toofar

Every autumn, every food/drink/thing pays homage to the Pumpkin God by adding the sacred Pumpkin flavor.


Here's the final total:

Andrew Richard/Buzzfeed

Turns out most people do not like real pumpkin. We are all so fake. Does this upset the Pumpkin God? Will He strike us down? Or in His wisdom will He allow us to survive the season, only to decimate us before the Eggnog King? Only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy your pumpkin, sheeple.