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    We Tried The Invisible Box Challenge And It's Harder Than You Think

    What is this sorcery?!

    Have you heard of the "Invisible Box Challenge?" You can see it in action in this video of a cheerleader doing it that went viral.

    Don't believe it? See for yourself!

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    While Sarah was doubtful whether the video itself was fake (hello, Jimmy Kimmel), Eric, ever the optimist, was eager to see if you could pull it off.

    This was what Eric's first attempt looked like.

    And this is what Sarah's first grand attempt at the invisible box challenge looked like.

    Okay, but what about their coworkers? Could they pull off this challenge with practically zero notice and absolutely no time to practice?

    They even barged into a meeting to see if someone in there could pull it off.

    Once it was established they weren't finding any invisible box masters in the building, Sarah and Eric hit the streets of NYC to put people up to the challenge.

    Some weren't bad at all. Like this woman who tried it in the park.

    Sure, some invisible box steppers were a little shy to try out this challenge at first, but everyone was a great sport.

    Once it became clear nobody they had come across actually knew how to do this challenge, they went straight to the source — Ariel the cheerleader!

    After getting expert advice on his approach from Ariel, Eric was determined to master the invisible box challenge once and for all with intense training!

    Meanwhile, Sarah opted for a different route. Ssshhh!

    Just when Eric was ready to throw in the towel on the challenge, something amazing happened. He fucking mastered it!

    And this is what Sarah's totally made up version of her conquering the invisible box challenge looked like. LOL!

    Sarah and Eric called Ariel back to show her Eric's new skills, and she was totally impressed.

    Immediately after getting the approval of the master herself, Eric hit the streets of NYC to proudly show off his invisible box challenge skills, because, why not?