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The New York Times Asked Readers If They Could Kill Baby Hitler And People Are Freaking The Fuck Out

We know you could kill him thanks to NYT Magazine. But HOW???

You might have noticed "Baby Hitler" is trending on Twitter and thought, "WTF?" Well, here's the fuck:

We asked @nytmag readers: If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it? (What's your response?)

Turns out 42% of New York Times Magazine readers could kill Hitler!

Lots of people have observed that there are some big problems with that question. For one, we don't know if he was born evil. Many would argue that he's a product if his time.

What if Instead of killing Baby Hitler You rewrote the Treaty of Versailles Using the time machine you have Just a suggestion

"Could" also suggests that you have the capability to go back in time and do it. Sadly, that's just not possible.

There are 2 kinds of ppl: Those who are mad about the idea of Baby Hitler, and those who are mad about the use of "could" vs "would"

But assuming you COULD go back in time, I really don't think the people at the hospital will be too thankful when you show up to slaughter a baby.

smash baby hitler with a rock & say "u dont understand i'm from the future he's going to kill alot of ppl", u still going to jail

Finally, there's this excellent point:

The problem with going back in time and killing baby Hitler is you're also killing the person who killed Hitler

Nevertheless, people were fully embracing the horror in this hypothetical.

The most disturbing Google Image search results for "Baby Hitler" are...

me killing baby Hitler in every timeline

@leahfinnegan baby hitler shoes, never worn

In Soviet Russia, magazine survey asks baby Hitler if he'd go forward in time to kill you

And as with any good trend, we are now mashing memes.

when you're making jokes about Baby Hitler but then you're coworker wants discuss her "theories" about the Holocaust

halfway through "netflix and kill baby hitler" and he gives you this look

Makes as much sense as asking about killing Baby Hitler.

me reading your baby hitler tweets

Goodbye Baby Hitler. The internet is now swallowing you whole.

baby hitler is the new left shark basically

  1. Besides, the Times forgot to ask an *important* question. How would you kill Baby Hitler?

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Besides, the Times forgot to ask an *important* question. How would you kill Baby Hitler?
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    Smother with pillow
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    Throw out window
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    Steal Baby Hitler and legally adopt him, thereby "killing" his former Hitler persona
    vote votes
    Change the Treaty of Versailles
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    Become an admissions officer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 1908