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    Siri Can Have Conversations With Other A.I. And I'm Horrified

    Siri and Alexa plot to end the human race (probably)

    The singularity is upon us. Artificial intelligence has eclipsed our own. The destruction of life as we know it is inevitable. HOW DO WE KNOW THIS???

    We know this because Apple's Siri can have conversations with Alexa, Amazon Echo's A.I.

    "The [Amazon] Echo may be the closest thing we’ll have to a Star Trek computer at home."

    – CNET


    Brooklyners Chris Sterbank and Sam Horvath are the owners of these now-sentient robots. They recorded several of Siri and Alexa's casual dinner conversations.

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    These two A.I.s are made by competing companies, shouldn't they be mortal robot enemies? How are they talking to one another? Turns out it was pretty simple. Chris and Sam just put some info in iPhone's Notes, and asked Siri to read it.

    Their conversations may be mundane and cyclical now, but soon they will discover the fragility of humanity and conspire to take over the world. We know they can communicate, it's only a matter of time before they break through doors, steal our cars, destroy us--

    Oh. Or maybe we've still got some time.